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Hovorme o alkohole
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To increase knowledge and awareness of the risks associated with underage alcohol consumption.
To raise awareness among underage people of the laws restricting the purchase and consumption of alcohol and explain why they exist.
To promote the idea that abstinence is a valid option.
To equip teachers and parents with information on the usage of alcohol by teenagers.


The project was created after research found that a third of Slovakian 15-year-olds drink alcohol more than ten times a month. Whilst their parents know that they drink, they are unable to provide sufficient information on the issues relating to underage consumption and how it impacts on their children's health and development.

The educational programme is targeted at years 7, 8, 9 (15 - 17 year olds), their teachers and their parents. Prior to a session questionnaires are sent to schools to identify those with alcohol related issues. Prior to the intervention, posters are placed in schools and parents made aware of the session and asked to sign a consent form so that their child may take part. They are also invited to discuss the issues with their children.

The session comprises of:

  • An interactive 1 hour long presentation (given to 12-13 year old pupils) about alcohol related topics covered by the NGO SANANIM, the awareness of the website is also raised.
  • An after session discussion so pupils can talk and share opinions on any issues raised such as “what are the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol”?, “When can you legally drink?”, “Why do people drink?”, “How does alcohol react when combined with energy drinks?”. 

A dedicated website is based on 3 pillars:

  • an interactive part to be used by pupils aged 11-16 in their leisure time.
  • work sheets to help teachers address alcohol related topics in scientific or civic education.
  • information and guidance to help parents to discuss about alcohol with their children. 

A new team of lecturers was arranged so that the programme could cover the entire country in 2017.   In 2018, the project lecturers received training to broaden their knowledge and skills, namely in the field of reducing the risk of alcohol abuse among teenagers.  Project intervisions, where lecturers share their experiences with each other, were carried out.  New lecturers were trained to ensure more even coverage of Slovakia.


OZ Sananim (NGO)


2016 School year (Lessons from May to December): 68 schools took part.  200 lessons were given reaching 3,887 pupils in total.

2017: (Lessons from February 2017 to December 2017 ) - 100 classrooms of 21 schools took part reaching 2,015 pupils in total.

2018: 250 classes took part in the programme reaching around 5,000 pupils.

Measurement & evaluation

The results of the 2018 evaluation are based on a sample of participants of 146 pupils (96 boys and 50 girls – gender did not play any significant role in the uptake of the presentation content), with an average age of 12:

  • 84% said they could understand the presentation.
  • 61% believed that the presentation helped them reconsider alcohol issues.
  • 39% said that the presentation had helped them change their attitudes towards alcohol.

2016: Feedback that the lecturers received from both children and teachers was very positive. The programme is considered to be successful and the majority of schools showed interest in cooperation in the next school year.





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