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To reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder in a town centre by building a positive relationship between the licensed trade, police and local authorities.
To improve the knowledge and skills of enforcement and regulation agencies, licensees and bar staff to help them responsibly manage licensed premises.
To raise the standard of on-trade operating policies in terms of social responsibility, health and safety and environmental policies.


Diageo sponsors Best Bar None schemes throughout England and Scotland.
Best Bar None is a national award scheme supported by the Home Office.  The scheme recognises and awards outlets who demonstrate progress in the four areas addressed by the UK Licensing Act of 2003: (1) the prevention of crime and disorder; (2) public safety; (3) prevention of public nuisance; and, (4) protection of children from harm.  It was piloted in Manchester in 2003 and found to improve standards in the night time economy, with premises now competing to participate.
After assessment by the police and council outlets are put forward to the independent judging panel for final selection to see if they reach certain standards in responsible retailing.  Procedure cpminates with a high profile award night with category winners and an overall winner.  Winners are then able to display signage outside and inside their premises.
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Home Office
Pernod Ricard
Local police and local authorities
Other industry stakeholders, including retailers
Brown-Forman (until 2013)


The overall percentage of those outlets entering the competition and receiving full accreditation is over 80%.   
By November 2015, it has been adopted by nearly 100 towns and cities across the UK and is now being taken up internationally.

Measurement & evaluation

BBN has proven it success by:

Reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm, disorder and crime.
Established benchmark of good practice.
Recognising and rewarding responsible operators.
Creating consistency of standards throughout the UK.
Creating a positive vehicle for all sectors of the night time economy to work together in partnership.

Alcohol-related crime and disorder in participating town centres has decreased significantly and there is a positive impact on many indicators.  

In Durham for example, Best Bar None was first launched in 2008.  In 2008, incidents of violent crime dropped by 35%.  In 2009, by 52%.  In 2010 and 2011, the drop was 87%.




Best Bar None

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