Alliance for the Responsible Sale of Spirits - Responsibility Alliance

Συμμαχία για την Υπεύθυνη Πώληση Οινοπνευματωδών Ποτών
Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors / Greek Federation of Spirits Producers
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To reduce alcohol-related harm at national level by delivering training sessions; public information and awareness raising campaigns; prevention and education programmes.


The “Responsibility Alliance” was launched on 28 June 2016 in Athens.  It is the first alliance of its kind representing the whole chain of production and distribution.  It is a voluntary initiative created by the Hellenic Association of Drinks Distributors (ENEAP) and the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP).  It is joined by companies and trade associations in the retail sector and the on-trade.  Organisations specialised in the field of prevention and public health have also joined the Alliance. 

Members are working together to implement a series of common actions which will last at least three years.  Contracting members commit to work together to common goals which are:

I. Reduce underage drinking.
II. Strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice.
III. Provide consumer information and responsible product innovation.
IV. Reduce the number of drink-drivers.
V. Commit the wider industry supply chain to reduce irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

Members agree to play an important role in limiting the negative patterns that lead to thoughtless consumption; create the proper environment promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol and create a protective umbrella for vpnerable groups, particularly the teeangers.  Representatives of the industry bodies and firms agree to serve and support the Alliance's actions through their communication channels.  Social and institutional partners commit to provide counselling and certification.   

Informational Actions:

Launch event – press conference: The 28 June event was attended by the Alliance’s members, government officials, the public and the media.  The first initiative aimed at promoting responsible drinking patterns and ensuring the responsible sale of alcoholic beverages was introduced.  
Presentation by SEVT: On 7 December 2016, special mention of the Alliance’s goals and actions was made by SEVT in their presentation of the European Charter of Action for reinventing food and beverages.  
Presentation to the scientific community: The Alliance, its goals and suggested actions were presented at the Conference for Social Pediatrics and the Promotion of Health (6-9 October 2016) and the Panhellenic Conference of the Public Health and Social Medicine Forum (1 November 2016).
Magazine Featurette: A two page tribute on the Alliance was featured in “ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΩ”, the financial and business magazine of the Central Association of Greek Chambers.  The edition featuring the Alliance was dedicated to presenting and promoting best practices and noteworthy initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility taken by Greek companies and associations.
Athens Bar Show 2016: The Alliance was promoted with the use of e-banners and special announcements in the event’s website and social media.

Support materials:

Alliance e-banner and website: A dedicated website features the Alliance’s Charter, its member list, audiovisual material as well as information on the risks of excessive alcohol consumption.  A dedicated e-banner with the Alliance’s logo has been uploaded to several of its Members’ websites, signalling their membership and dedication to the Alliance’s set of goals.
Stickers, badges and signage: Special signage has been created for outlets where alcoholic beverages are sold.  The Alliance sticker has already been placed in retail outlets, hotels and night venues.
Leaflet:  The Alliance’s logo was included on the cover of the 2016 “European Night without Accident” promotional leaflet.
Staff information material: In December 2016, informational material aimed at staff working in retail outlets was created.  The goal is for every member to be able to inform and train their employees on responsible selling, mainly on avoiding selling to teenagers.  The material provides useful information on the nature and vision of the Alliance and why it is important not to sell alcohol to minors.  This framework can be used by all members in order to inform and raise awareness of Responsible Selling among their staff.  Each company-member is responsible for the dissemination of the material to their employees. 

Education programmes:

Consumer Information: The first initiative aimed at promoting responsible drinking patterns and ensuring the responsible sale of alcoholic beverages.  The moto was “the responsible consumption of alcohol is an issue that concerns us all”.   The first step of the campaign was to raise knowledge and awareness of low-risk drinking guidelines.  Special effort was made to remind people that there are no “hard” or “soft” drinks and that every typical serving of an alcoholic beverage (wine, beer or spirits) contains approximately the same amount of alcohol.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you drink but how much and how you drink.
Bartender Training: Training of professional barmen and students in schools of Tourism and Hospitality was held in Thessaloniki on 7 December 2016.  The topic was the responsible selling and serving of alcohol with a focus on drink-driving and road safety.  An initiative of the Greek Barmen Association, the training was delivered under the guidelines of the Responsibility Alliance.

Upcoming actions and planning:

School education programme: The programme will be specially designed to address pupils of secondary education (12 – 17 year olds).  Taking into consideration the best international standards and practices, the programme will be adapted to meet with Greek circumstances.
Retail e-learning platform:  The platform will be created according to international standards and selected best practices.  It will sensitise employees to responsible selling and familiarise them with the techniques that will allow them to properly manage consumers who are minors. 
Public poster and a leaflet: Both will be uploaded to the Alliance’s website and distributed in retail outlets.  The content will include information on responsible alcohol consumption alcohol and why is important to not take risks.  Accompanying infographics will illustrate scientific information. 
Video: Production and screening via social media and possibly as a social message by TV and radio outlets.  
Promotions: Production of a brochure for retailers and consumers promoting the Alliance and its work.  Press releases before, during and after actions.  Advertisements to press and e-magazines specialised on the sector.  Participation in conferences of the market sector and exhibitions for retailers.


Contracting Members - Business and Professional Associations:
Supermarket chain “AB Vasilopopos”
Supermarket chain “My Market”
Hellenic Bartender Association
Papatheocharis Business Group
Greek Oenologists Association
Bartenders Association
Grecotel hotels and resorts
Association of Greek Food Industries (SEVT)

Participating contracting members – Social Partners:
National Inter-municipal Healthy Cities Network - Health Promotion (E.D.D.Y.P.P.Y.)
University of Athens – Centre for Research and Accident Prevention (K.E.P.A.)
Greek Company of Social Pediatrics and Health Promotion (E.E.K.P.P.Y.)
Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas"
Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA-ALFA)


During the launch: Michael Kefalogianni, journalist; Antonis Sakellaris, spokesman for the Deputy Secretary General Public Health; Evangelia Kourenta, Director of Rural Policy, International Relations and Promotion of the Ministry of Rural Development; Argyris Peropakis, Deputy Head of the European Commission Delegation in Greece spoke.
“ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΩ”:  30,000 recipients all over Greece.  The magazine is distributed to government officials, Embassies, foreign Chambers and the 1,750 members of the 59 Greek Chambers.
Athens Bar show: The two day event had more than 8,000 visitors, including at least 2,500 bartenders.
Website visits: From October – December 2016 the website had almost 6,000 unique visitors.



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