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To educate consumers and communities about alcohol and its effects.

To inspire young adults (18 - 25-year-olds) to follow the “responsible” way of drinking.

To encourage young adults to take part by sharing, liking and reacting to the videos.


Although alcohol consumption in Greece is seen as part of the “Mediterranean lifestyle”, there are still social issues related to irresponsible alcohol consumption such as drinking and driving and growing underage drinking.  

Therefore, the Responsible Alliance decided select a popular social media influencer to be their “voice” (ambassador) in addressing young adults through a series of thematic videos.  Ilenia Williams is a TV presenter, singer, journalist and YouTuber.  She is a popular and socially sensitive influencer. 

A series of 6 videos were created, each on a different topic.  Each video also featured a celebrity guest who shared their thoughts, experiences and tips on alcohol depending on their speciality and professional experience. 

The guests:

  • Bartender: Nick Sourbatis is a bartender and 2019 World Class Winner (Instagram).
  • Sports Person: Lefteris Petrounias is an artistic gymnastic and Olympic champion (Instagram).
  • Personal Trainer: Elmira Begatti is a Pilates Instructor (Instagram).
  • Lifestyle influencer: Eleni Voulgaraki is a journalist (Instagram).  

Video topics

  1. Alcohol and responsible sales: Guest Nikos Sourbatis provides tips & advice for bars on how to supply and sell alcohol responsibly.  He also covers keeping customers safe by following COVID-19 rules.
  2. Alcohol & Underage Drinking: Guest Lefteris Petrounias inspires and encourages teens to live an alcohol-free lifestyle.  He also explains how alcohol can affect health and behaviour.
  3. What do you know about alcohol?: Elena introduces the video series and presents the information about responsible alcohol consumption.
  4. Alcohol & Fitness: Guest Elmira Begati highlights how alcohol impacts performance, physical stamina, workout recovery, appearance and weight gain.
  5. Drinking & Driving: Guest Eleni Voulgaraki encourages young people to avoid drink-driving and shares advice for staying safe on a night out.
  6. Myths & Facts about Alcohol: Ilenia debunks the most common alcohol myths by providing the facts.

The videos were shared on the Ilenia’s and her guest’s social media channels, as well as ENEAP’s and the Responsibility Alliance members’ social media channels.  The first video was aired on 12 July and the last on 29 November.


Ilenia Williams, influencer (https://www.instagram.com/ileniawilliams/)


Until November 2021:

  • Press clippings: 45 (print coverage: 5, online coverage: 40) reaching 1.2 million. It is estimated that 60.1 million were potentially able to see an article.
  • Social media coverage: 129 posts and stories had 111 shares, 173,000 engagements and reached 220,000.

Programmatic Campaign (first 3 videos):

  • One video in article placements: 54,000 views, 2.1,000 clicks and 52% full views.
  • Content discovery: 3.9 million impressions and 6,900 clicks.
  • Video performance (first 4 videos) 7,500 clicks on FB, YouTube and the Responsible Alliance website.



Alcohol and Responsible Sales
Alcohol and underage consumption
What do you know about Alcohol?
Alcohol and Fitness
Alcohol and Driving
Myths and reality about alcohol

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