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Unge, alkohol, fester
God Alkoholkultur
2017 > 2018
#AwarenessRaising #Parents


 To encourage parents of first-year students to talk to their children about alcohol consumption.


While the age when young people first try alcohol has increased, Danish first-year students at upper secondary school are now more inexperienced with alcohol and do not know enough about the risks involved with drinking.  At the same time, parents may have difficulty with setting limits as young people are supposed to be mature and self-employed when attending school. 

This combination of relative inexperience and lack of parental control has made the young exposed when faced with peer pressure to drink in high school.  Therefore, GODA, offers a leaflet targeted at parents of 16+ year olds in order to encourage them to talk to their children about alcohol consumption and to agree about how much they may drink. 


SSP (a preventive network of School, Social Affairs and Police) at Hillerød and Hadsund Municipality.


In 2018, 16,000 leaflets were requested by upper secondary schools (approx. 20% of all parents of first-year students).


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