Beam Suntory
European Union
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To promote responsible drinking among adult consumers.

To minimise alcohol-related harm.

To raise awareness of important issues around alcohol policy.


Multi-lingual website offers a platform for consumers to learn about the responsible consumption of alcohol through the following six principles:

  1. Respect Others - informed adults have the right to choose to drink alcohol - or not to drink at all.
  2. Obey the Law - purchase and consumption by those below the legally designated age cannot be condoned or tolerated.
  3. Take Responsibility - adults who choose to drink alcohol must take responsibility for their actions.
  4. Drink in Moderation - understand how much you are drinking.
  5. Be a Responsible Host - always try to ensure your guests do not drink to excess.
  6. Drive Safe - never drive drunk or over the legally designated blood-alcohol level.

It also includes an interactive quiz where consumers can test their knowledge of the effects of alcohol and on how to drink responsibly.


Qorvis (Communications Agency)


64,509 users and 91,261 page viewes since the website was revamped in May 2018 (as of November 2018).




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