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To promote responsible consumption of alcohol


The website was launched in November 2009 and revamped in 2012 to make it more attractive to target audiences and establish it as the foremost source for information on alcohol consumption.  It contains sections on: the Code of Practice for outlets serving alcoholic beverages, campaigns, the effects of alcohol on the body, tips and guidance for parents, responsible drinking and news. The Drinkaware Malta Facebook page and Youtube channel are also linked to from the website.

Awareness raising campaigns are regularly run to attract a larger audience to the site.  


The site has on average fewer than 100 visitors per month.  The campaigns help to drive traffic to the site.

Measurement & evaluation

Post campaign research carried out in mid-November to early-December 2014 (403 respondents) showed:

  • All most all (97.5%) understood that excessive drinking could cause harm to the drinker or to others and 3/4 believed that the government shopd do more to combat it. 
  • Almost 3/4 believed that their friends would think badly of them if they were drunk and most (9.31%) believed that being drunk in public was unattractive.
  • Almost 2/3 stated that they thought more about how much they drank than they used to.
  • The most common reason to drink was to socialise (78.9%) and more than half of those who drank alcohol consumed different types during the same night.
  • Compared to the previous year respondents seemed to drink less frequently.  In addition, the number who had suffered from a hangover (22.4%) and the number who had drunk heavily during past month (35.2%), had significantly decreased.  The preferred alcoholic beverages remained the same.
  • While the Health Authorities, Sedqa and the Road Safety Authority are perceived as the top three organisations which promote responsible drinking patterns, those who claimed that they recall Drinkaware adverts promoting responsible drinking patterns almost doubled from last year, amounting to 28.1%.
  • Awareness of drinkawaremalta.com had increased by 15.8%.  30.8% had heard of the site and just over 20% had visited it.  More recalled seeing mention of the site on TV than via any other medium (54.8%).  This was followed by social media (32.3%), outdoor (20.2%) and cinema (15.3%).




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Drinkaware Evaluation December 2014 (pdf - 1.87 Mo)
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