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The objective of R. Jelinek is to reduce its environment footprint upstream in the orchards, at production level (energy, packaging, etc) and downstream with Green transport.


As member of UDVL, R. Jelinek adopted in 2022, an ambitious road map to reduce the environmental footprint of this major slivovitz & fruits distillates producer in the Czech Republic. 

Orchards as a remedy to landscape

  • In 2003 R. Jelinek followed the orchardist tradition of his predecessors and began to make use of ideal conditions in the Vizovice area for growing plum trees. R.Jelinek is today the biggest plums producer in the Republic. Orchards are extremely important for the landscape because trees improve the quality of air; trees mitigate the effect of drought and loss of surface and groundwater; they slow down the soil erosion and finally, orchards co-create wildlife corridors and territorial elements of  ecological stability of landscape. 
  • R.Jelinek has achieved a full circularity of input raw material: The disposal of stillages - residual product of the production of fruit distillates - is carried out in the biogas station. In fact, separated stones after drying are sold as fuel. The remaining material is sent to the biogas plant and the result of subsequent fermentation is biogas. Finally, the other remaining material is so-called digestate to be used as fertilizer.

OBJECTIVE: Expand the fruit orchards by 15% between 2022 and 2026 and increasing the share of orchards where organic farming is used (parnership with SISPO- Fruit Union of Integrated System for Fruit Growing Union).

Energy efficiency

  • In 2021 R. Jelinek installed 333 solar panels with battery storage of the capacity of 62 kWh on the building of the bottling plant.
  • The company reduced energy consumption by 35% thanks to proper thermal insulation of production buildings.


  • Increase the current share of electricity produced from renewable sources from 16% today to 64% in 5 years.
  • In that same period, the ambition is to quadruple the number of solar panels.
  • R.Jelinek will  replace the original boiler with a new gas boiler that will save 18 % of energy. This replacement will achieve a 56% reduction in NOx emissions.
  • Increase energy use of stillages in biogas stations.


  • Already now 45% to 56% of glass in your R. Jelinek bottles is recycled glass.
  • The carton and label suppliers are 100% from the Czech Republic are all have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification


The logistic adn tranport are operated by ESA Logistika using the GREEN 3PL solutions. ESA logistika is a certified “Green company” and is a holder of an ISO 14001 certificate with a clearly defined environmental policy. This is a guarantee that all operations associated with providing the GREEN 3PL service are processed in the most environmentally conscious way. These solutions are designed to have a minimal impact on the price of the service. Environmental goals are achieved through consistent application of established rules, system, technology and process innovations, but also by our workers’ conviction of the importance of nature protection.


R. JELÍNEK, major representative of slivovitz and fruit distillates


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