Responsible Retailing of Alcohol

Espirituosos España
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To prevent underage drinking

To raise awareness of irresponsible drinking

To help encourage and promote the highest standards in alcohol retail


The spirits sector in Spain realises the important role of the distribution sector in being able to recognise when a minor is trying to buy alcohol and how to prevent them from doing so. 

The initiative is founded on two types of training:

  • Training for cashiers: The training focuses on underage-drinking and covers the law which forbids selling alcohol to under 18’s, the impact that underage consumption can have on minors, and, tips for recognising underage purchase attempts, including by proxy purchasing. Training is supplemented by an I do not sell alcohol to minors” information brochure and video which cover the subjects highlighted in the training.  This training is also given to human resources managers so that they can convey the information to all cashiers.
  • Family workshops for employees: The workshops are aimed at employees with minor children. Parents are provided with the tools to explain the importance of not starting to consume alcohol until they are of legal age to their children. 

Also, the “Minors not a single drop” logo and warning that alcohol cannot be sold to under 18’s is included in all Carrefour promotional materials and on-shelf posters.






In 2021 close to 200 carrefour employees learnt how to prevent alcohol consumption in their children through a talk by psychologist Rocío Ramos.



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