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Il Consumo Responsabile
Federazione Italiana Industriali Produttori Esportatori e importatori di Vini, Acquaviti, Liquori, Sciroppi, Aceti et Affini
2022 > Ongoing
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To educate consumers about drinking in moderation and the risks associated with alcohol abuse.


The consumer information website was launched in October 2022.  It contains the following sections:

  • Federvini: Information about Federvini
  • Know about alcohol: Information about responsible drinking, such as what alcohol is, the recommended daily guidelines, the effects of alcohol on the body and when not to drink.
  • Wine in Moderation: Information about the Wine in Moderation social responsibility programme.
  • spiritsEUROPE: Information about spiritsEUROPE.
  • Hints and tips: Hints and tips to stay safe when drinking.
  • The Mediterranean diet: Information about the Mediterranean diet.
  • Quiz: A link to the Responsible Drinking (#RDQ) quiz where consumers can test how much they know about responsible drinking.
  • Spirit Drinks: Information about spirit drinks, their history, how they are made and calories in different types.
  • Wine: Information about wine, its history, how wine is made and calories
  • Our projects: Responsible drinking projects that Federvini is involved in or runs.



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