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Latvian Alcohol Industry Association
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To lower binge drinking levels in Latvia, especially among young people and students.

To change drinking habits and alcohol-related behaviour in Latvia for the better.

To educate people about responsible consumption.


Although the consumption of alcohol in Latvia is decreasing, Latvians are still one of the biggest binge drinkers in Europe, with student parties one of the occasions where many can drink to excess.  It is, therefore, necessary to show the social impact of binge drinking and to educate young people on the dangers associated with the over-consumption of alcohol. 

The initiative uses social media aimed at the target group to show the social impact of binge drinking and to educate them on the dangers associated with the over-consumption of alcohol.  Emphasis is placed on the loss of social status, an issue which important to them. 

The message is promoted on the responsible drinking website, LANA’s Facebook page and on Instagram.

In 2017, the initiative was promoted at two Latvian festivals: “Positivus” and “Laba daba”.  Stands were set up to provide information about safe levels of drinking and guidelines, and to intersperse alcoholic drinks with water.  Promotional materials such as cups with the “Party with Style” logo were handed out and participants could get their hand stamped with the “Party with Style” logo.  A virtual game on safe drinking guidelines was developed and presented at the festivals.

In 2019, a competition was held in Latvian higher-education institutions (students aged 18 or over) inviting students to create a social media campaign which would promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.  The winning campaign was “Remember Emotions, Not Films” (this is the slang word for a ‘blackout’ in Latvian), featuring a fictional character called “The Filmmaker”.  The initiative was promoted at an event for influencers, where psychotherapist Dr Ernests Pūliņš Cinis spoke about alcohol, what can lead to memory loss when drinking, and the importance of drinking in moderation.  The lecture was followed by a Q&A session with the influencers; following this the influencers were encouraged to spread the message on their social media channels.  Posts were also shared on LANA’s Facebook page and Instagram account.  In addition, outdoor advertising for bus-stops, etc., were also employed. 

The Filmmaker (blackout maker) character typifies a person who has drank too much alcohol.  The character publishes “blacked out” posts on social media alongside photos of typical social settings – reminding users that memories cannot be made if one blacks out. 

In 2020, in addition to the Filmmaker, influencers created short videos to amplify the message and responsible drinking guidelines and tips were shared on social networks.

The influencers:

  • Lauris Zalāns: Inspired by the Filmmaker and his stories, Lauris summarised the most common types of “filmmakers” such as the “parrot”, the “storyteller”, the “dancer” and the “playboy” in his short and witty video called “the Filmmaker”.
  • Latvian Sisters (Elīna Pakalne and Lidija Niznikova): The sisters created two videos. The first, “Personal Responsibility!” highlights that to keep control of your actions whilst partying and to get home safely you should drink in moderation.  The second, “Resist peer pressure!” explains why giving into peer pressure to drink more than intended is a bad idea.  Drinking in moderation and deciding for yourself how much to drink is best!
  • Lota Ulmane: In the “Secrets and Alcohol” video Lota explores why drinking too much is a bad idea. She is joined by the Fimmaker who gives examples the unintended consequences of drinking too much alcohol and Dr Ernests Pūliņš-Cini who explains why this happens whilst underlining the importance of drinking in moderation.

Responsible drinking guidelines and tips:

  • A guide to responsible alcohol consumption: The guide includes information about drinking alcohol in moderation as well as information on units of alcohol.
  • 10 tips for responsible drinking: The tips were created by the Filmmaker to serve as guidelines for party goers. The aim is to avoid undesirable situations and to remind the user about moderate alcohol consumption.


Latvian Alcohol Industry members

(In 2007): Latvian Medical Association, Latvia Student Union, Latvian Ministry of Health, Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Latvian traders association and Association of leading Latvian food retailers


2020 activation: The activation reached a total of 284,000 people of which 60,000 were young people.  More than 90,000 who were reached use social media on a daily basis. 


  • Lauris Zalāns: His video on Instagram was viewed 15,334 times, reached 23,832, had 30,410 impressions and had 269 comments.  On Facebook it reached 9,002, was liked 39 times and had 25 shares.
  • Lida Niznaja and Elina Pakalna (Latvian Sisters):  Their videos reached 15,414, had 17,043 impressions, were “liked” 3,084 times and were commented on 225 times.  On Facebook they reached 17,150, were shared 36 times and had 67 likes.
  • Lota Ulmane (YouTube and Instagram):  Her YouTube video had 7,694 views.  On Instagram it reached 4,487, had 5,593 impressions and was viewed 1,242 times. 

The Filmmaker’s Instagram page now has 1,272 followers. 

The infographic and influencer videos shared on LANA Facebook page reached 4,340, were liked 13 times and were 6 times.  The Facebook page now has 810 followers. 

Although the media was very focused on COVID-19 news during the activation the campaign messages and survey outcomes were taken up by 5 internet publications (TVNET, Reitingi, Leta and Aluksniesiem).  These articles reached 140,000 people.

2019-2020: The bus stop poster was seen by 54,263 people.  14 entries were received for the competition.  8 were invited to present their ideas in person, and the jury selected 5 winners.  The social media campaign reached around 90,000 (40,000 daily social media users) and was mentioned in 10 internet publications.  13 influencers attended the promotional event.  9 of them posted or shared the content on their social media.  The total reach of the event was 35,000 young people.  Dr Arturs Miksons participated in the Pedeja Pilite podcast.  It was published on 23 November, and by the end of February 2020 it had 11,597 views, 485 likes and 45 comments.  This podcast is mainly watched by users in the 25-34 age group (52.5% of all who watched this podcast) and 18-24 age group (42.3% of all who watched).  4,039 listened on other platforms (Spotify 2,596, Apple Podcasts 1,278, Google Podcasts 26 and other platforms 97).  Janis Krivens: His post on Instagram got 1,378 likes and reached 11,442.  Niklavs: The video published on 7 January 2020 had 38,547 views, 3.4k likes and 36 comments by the end of February.  Rojs: The video published on 8 January 2020 had 31,121 views, 2.3k likes and 194 comments by the end of February.

LANA’s responsible drinking website had around 10,000 visitors, the Instagram account gained 1,254 followers.  LANA’s Facebook videos: 8 January 2020 had 22k views, 86 shares, 138 reactions and 14 comments.  The reach was 27,594 and engagement was 2,765.  On 9 January 2020 the video had 11k views, 47 shares, 130 reactions and 51 comments.  The reach was 19,403 and engagement was 2,335.  Instagram videos: 10 January 2020 had 1,038 views, reached 1,495 with an engagement of 257. 13 January 2020, had 370 views, reached 625 and an engagement of 70. 

November 2017: More than 50,000 people were reached at both festivals: 3,000 paper cups with still water in them were given during the festivals and 2,300 festival goers got a Party with Style stamp on their hand. The social media campaign reached 63,000 people. 2 printed publications and 15 internet publications spread the information. As a result of the promotions, the responsible drinking website had a 28% increase in traffic, more people follow the LANA Facebook page and new users have visited the LANA social responsibility page.

Measurement & evaluation

In 2020, research company Norstat and LANA carried out a pre-campaign survey in September and a post-campaign survey in November.  Total of 603 respondents aged 18 to 35 (301 pre and 302 post).  Results show:

  • The number of respondents that drink alcohol daily dropped from 3% in September to 1% in November, the number that drink 2-4 times a month dropped from 37% to 32% and the number who drink alcohol 2-3 times a week dropped from 14% to 12%.
  • The number of respondents who drink 3-4 units per occasion dropped from 33% in September to 29% in November.  The number who drink more than five units per occasion once a week dropped from 8% to 6% and the number who drink more than five units per occasion once a month dropped from 17% to 14%. 

Therefore, the survey data shows a slight change in respondents’ behaviour.  More young people in Latvia pay attention to the amount and frequency of alcohol they consume but there is still a number of binge drinkers. 

In 2019, a pre-campaign questionnaire on Instagram (02 – 06 December 2019, 250 respondents aged 18+) for young people about their habits of alcohol consumption showed that: 47% drink alcohol 2-3 times a month, 16% less than once a month and 14% more than once a week.  Also 23% didn’t drink alcohol at all.  75% were under 18 when they first tried alcohol and 2% first drank alcohol when they were adults (18+).   A post-campaign questionnaire on Instagram (30 December 2019 to 01 January 2020, 250 respondents aged 18+) for young people about their habits of alcohol consumption showed that: 39% drink alcohol 2-3 times a month, 25% less than once a month and 17% more than once a week.  Also 19% didn’t drink alcohol at all.  86% said that they were under 18 when they first tried alcoholic beverages and 5% when they were adults (18+). 

In 2017, both festivals recorded less binge drinking casualties.  Positivus festival: a public article stated that the festival was more calm than previously but that there were still some issues with underage drinking.  Laba Daba festival: contrary to previous years where many articles mentioned drug usage and other problems, there were no negative articles.



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