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Disfruta de un consumo responsable
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To promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. 
To provide consumers with the information they need to make informed choices about consumption.
To provide information about the programs that FEBE develops to promote responsible drinking (designated driver campaign and responsible service).


As of October 2020, the website is under review.  It will soon be relaunched with a new look and feel.  

First launched in 2008, the consumer information site was re named and relaunched in June 2011. It has five sections:

  1. Knowing – general information such as what an alcoholic beverage is, types of alcoholic beverages, etc.
  2. Understanding - information such the effects of alcohol on the body and its differing effects in men and women, what a standard drink is, standard drinks calculator.
  3. Sharing - information such as misconceptions about alcohol that could lead to harmful alcohol consumption, a test for consumers to check their consumption and a survey section.
  4. Serving – information to promote responsible serving and alcoholic beverages in the trade and the "Tú Sirves, Tú Decides" Responsible Serving programme.
  5. Driving – information such as the BAC limits in Spain and the "Noc-turnos" designated driver programme.

The initiative is promoted via:

TV spot highlighting the "enough for today" message was shown during the Christmas 2008 period.
The website address' inclusion on all FEBE communications, linked to on all associate websites and is included in all advertising and marketing communications of FEBE's member companies.

Brochures to provide information on responsible drinking distributed through the designated driver program and through the Responsible Serving programme.

In 2013 a promotional video was produced and uploaded to youtube.


In 2017 the number of unique visitor was 199,596.
In 2016 the number of unique visitors was 103,112
The number of unique visitors to the website steadily increased from 23,715 in 2008 to 59,644 in 2012, 56,471 in 2013 and 88,125 in 2014.

Measurement & evaluation

Visitors are able to fill-in a questionnaire before leaving the website to provide their opinion on site content, ease of navigation, quality and quantity of the information provided, etc.  

In 2013, the user profile was shared equally between men and women with a mean age of 27.  

In general, the assessment made by users of the portal is very positive: 84% found the content useful.
92% found the level of information was sufficient.
97% considered both layout and content good to very good.  
The section that is found most useful is the general information about alcohol (30%) followed by drink and drive (25%), the other sections were scored evenly.  
In addition, 70% of visitors would recommend the website to others.





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FEBE-TV spot presentation (2008-2009) (ppt - 2.23 Mo)
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