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Esi Atbildigs
Latvian Alcohol Industry Association
2010 > Ongoing
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To raise awareness of and to promote responsible drinking.

To find innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture.

To help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.


The website was launched in June 2010.  In order to provide credible and accurate information, page content was developed in collaboration with experts on drug consumption, using different sources of information, including data from the Fellowship of Latvian Alcoholics Anonymous.  In 2019, the website was updated, the WHO AUDIT test and campaign materials were added and the question/answers section was updated.  The website contains the following sections:

  • You and alcohol: Advice for different groups such as young people and pregnant women.
  • Reading material: Information about when not to drink alcohol at all, alcohol units, calories, how alcohol affects the body, myths and infographics.  It also contains two tests, one where visitors can see how much they really know about alcohol and if they hold any misperceptions and one where Visitors can take the World Health Organization’s AUDIT Test (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) which identifies alcohol use disorders.
  • Questions/Answers: Visitors can ask a question about alcohol which is then posted on the website along with the reply from Lilita Petermana a narcologist.
  • Support: Tips on how to drink responsibly and what to do if you have a drinking problem.
  • About us: Information on LANA and the campaigns.
  • News: A news section.

The website and its message is regularly promoted and campaigns aim to drive traffic to it.  Also, in 2020, a detailed summary of CSR activities from 2017 to date was sent along with a letter from LANA Managing director Davis Vitols to Latvian members of parliament.


Lilita Petermana: Head of the narcological service in Ģintermuiža; doctor, narcologist, addiction specialist, psychodrama therapist.

2010: Latvian Doctor's Association


The website currently has an average of 2,550 visitors per month (December 2022).  However, during the activation of the "Party with Style" campaign it was visited by 5,500 visitors during the campaign period (5-20 October). The average time spent on the homepage was 2 min 14 seconds (higher than the usual 1 minute spent).  The most popular sections were: “A Guide to Responsible Drinking”, the AUDIT test, the #RDQ quiz (partnership with spiritsEUROPE), safety on the road, and, calories in alcoholic beverages.

In 2020, the website had around 10,000 visitors.  It received 3-5 questions per week related to binge drinking and how to help family members deal with drinking problems.  In 2019/2018, the website had around 10,000 visitors.  In 2017, the website had 1,000 visitors, including 335 new.  It had a 28% increase in traffic during the summer 2017 campaign. 




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