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Latvian Alcohol Industry Association
2010 > Ongoing


To raise awareness of responsible consumption and to change drinking habits for the better.
To promote responsible drinking and find innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimize alcohol-related harm.


The website was launched in June 2010. In order to provide credible and accurate information, page content was developed in collaboration with experts on drug consumption, using different sources of information, including data from the Fellowship of Latvian Alcoholics Anonymous. It contains the following topics:

You and alcohol: Advice for different groups such as young people and pregnant women.
Facts about alcohol: Information such as how alcohol affects health and drink-driving.
Reading: Advice about the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Help:  How to make sure that drinking does not become a problem and where to go for support.
Test: where visitors can see how much they realy know about alcohol and if they hold any misperceptions.
Tips such as: how to drink less and help for a hangover.
Questions: where visitors can ask anonymous questions to a doctor.

In order to promote the website and its message:

At the end of June a press release was issued entitled “created: a responsible drinking guide”. It was taken up by various portals.
In December 2010 detailed presentations were given to senior students in Riga 3. Secondary School on the subject of responsible drinking. Questions such as "What is responsible drinking?" and "How can the youth face it in everyday life?" were asked to encourage students to take part in a discussion (attended by a doctor) after the presentation.
In the second half of December, promotional ads (length 45 seconds) were displayed on digital screens located near the cash-desks in several MAXIMA supermarkets (one of the largest retail trade chains in Latvia).

From 16 December a promotional video (interactive experiment) was added to the website. Its aim is to clearly show that immoderate drinking limits human perception and abilities. The video records an experiment to show the effect that alcohol has on the participant. It was conducted in the presence and strict control of a doctor and contains warning never to copy it. The link to the experiment also can be found on facebook, twitter and draugiem (networking sites).


Latvian Doctor's Association


The website had a 28% increase in traffic during the summer 2017 campaign.  There were 335 new users and a total of 1,000 users visited the website in 2017.
More than 1,700 facebook users indicated that they liked the experiment video and there has been more than 370 tweets on twitter about it (until the end of December 2010). 




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