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To raise awareness of the “zero alcohol during pregnancy” message.

To raise awareness of the risks related to consuming alcohol during pregnancy.


A recent study shows that 8,000 infants (1%) are born every year in France with Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) of which 800 infants have the severest form (Foetal Alcohol Disorder: FAS).  500,000 people live with some degree of FASD nationwide.  The annual cost linked to this is estimated at 10 billion euros.  In addition, a recent survey by SAF (FAS) France shows that fewer than one in two (42%) of those surveyed said they know about FASD disorders and only 11% know precisely what FASD is.  Women (57%) are more aware than men.  The consequences of drinking alcohol during pregnancy were largely unknown although 61% guessed that it could cause miscarriage and 51% guessed it can cause learning difficulties for the foetus.  Only 53% felt they were properly informed about the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy and 61% cited this lack of information as the main reason women drink during pregnancy.  61% felt that the risks should be taught at school.  

With this in mind, Prévention et Moderation entered into a multi-year financial partnership with the SAF (FAS) France association in 2019 to support its mission which includes:

  • Carry out prevention and awareness raising activities and to create support resource centres
  • Provide better training for health professionals, police, social workers etc so that they are better equipped to recognise FASD and to provide support for those affected by the disorders.

As part of its mission, SAF France runs the yearly month-long SAFTHON (FASTHON).  The SAFTHON is a collective of events aimed at raising awareness of the risks of drinking during pregnancy and to remind women that it is better to not drink any alcohol at all when pregnant.  The SAFATHON not only takes place nationally but internationally.

On 4 September 2020, ahead of the international FASD day (9 September) Prévention et Moderation and the UMIH (Hotel Industry Trade Union) signed an agreement to work together in raising awareness about the risks of drinking during pregnancy and to take part in the yearly SAFTHON.  As part of this commitment Prévention et Moderation mobilises its members (beer, wine and spirits sectors) to amplify the “Zero alcohol during pregnancy” message.

A study by Opinion way during the summer of 2021 (302 general practitioners – GPs - in France) found that only 24% knew exactly what problems can be caused by foetal exposure to alcohol; 66% don’t feel properly informed about the problem and more than 50% would like a course about it.  Also, 33% admitted to not systematically talking about alcohol consumption during consultations with pregnant women.

In 2022, campaign launched during international Day for children’s rights (20 November).  The idea was to get restaurants use the yellow FAS table sets. 

The aim for 2023 is to diversify partnerships and involve more regions for the SAFHTON campaign.  Also, to launch the Yellow Tables campaign during women’s rights international Day (9 March) and to train health professionals.


SAF France


In 2022, 270 local events throughout the country took place with local MPs, health and public authorities and medias participating.  Also, 88 million media contacts were reached. 

In 2021, 12 events in 12 regions took place in the presence of national and local policy and decision-makers.  266 actions were carried out and 103 clippings (TV/radio/national and regional press) reached 190 million contacts.

Despite the situation with COVID-19 the 2020 SAFATHON saw more than 200 events throughout France and overseas.  120 bars and cafes took part.  50,000 flyers, 500 posters, 27,000 table mats, 90 roll-up, 800 t-shirts, 35,000 bracelets were produced (14 regions of France: 10 mainland and 4 overseas).  5 countries took part (France, Ivory Coast, Congo, Brasil and Spain).

Prévention et Moderation supported 11 Press breakfasts in 11 French regions generating an estimated 170 million people.  Also, Prévention et Moderation companies shared 600 posters and flyers.





Pregnant, there’s no alcohol consumption without risk

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FAS - Results of 2020 survey on Knowledge of the French on FAS (French) (pdf - 0.82 Mo)
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