Your Children and Alcohol
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To help parents talk to their children about alcohol.  
To help child develop a lifelong healthy attitude towards alcohol. 
To delay the age at which the ‘first drink’ is taken and, where alcohol is consumed by a young person, to reduce the volume of alcohol consumed.


According to independent research commissioned by Drinkaware and carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes, over half (53%) of Irish parents surveyed stated that they believe it is acceptable for their children to drink alcohol at home. This contradicts emerging evidence that parental supply of alcohol is associated with increased risks. Drinkaware responded to the need for support, facts and advice to encourage parents to start a conversation about alcohol with their children.
In 2017, Drinkaware developed a new booklet to educate parents on the link between young people, alcohol and mental health. This was previously identified as an area parents found difficult to communicate with their young people. A booklet, Young People, Alcohol and Mental Health, is available for download ordering online.
The campaign also features a comprehensive parents’ hub at, with a range age-appropriate information and resources to help initiate and guide the conversation and to provide the correct support and useful facts for parents to confidently have a conversation with their children about drinking alcohol.  A booklet, Your Children and Alcohol, is also available for download and ordering online.


The parents section of the website has had over 10,000 visits (until December 2017).




Talking to your teens about alcohol
Talking to your children about alcohol

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