You Do You - Drink Responsibly

Vinum & Spiritus
2023 > Ongoing
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To encourage young people to respect their limits and to say “no” to the social pressure that pushes them to consume alcohol.

To encourage young people to respect their own limits and those of others.


A survey by Vinum et Spiritus shows that whilst the majority of young Belgians consume alcohol responsibly, peer pressure is one of the main causes of binge drinking.  Of the 300 surveyed 18- to 24-year-olds, 34% have already succumbed to drinking more because of peer-pressure - 13% do so regularly.  Also, males are more susceptible than females to this (41% vs 29%) and are also more likely to encourage a friend to drink more (29% vs 17%).

These results prompted Vinum et Spiritus to create a social media campaign aimed at reminding this group to respect their own as well as their peers’ boundaries.  The campaign focusses on group events and encourages young people to be themselves when they are out with friends.  Two shorts were posted on YouTube.  The first shows a group of people shouting “sauce, sauce” as more sauces are poured onto chips.  The second shows a group of people shouting “shorter, shorter” as a hairdresser cuts hair.  Both videos end with You wouldn’t give into peer pressure here” – “so why would you when drinking?” – “You do You.  Take back control.  Drink responsibly” written in red capitals.  The shorts were posted in three different languages (English: “You Do You - Drink Responsibly”, French: “You Do You - Bois avec moderation” and Dutch: “You Do You - Drink met verstand). Ads on Meta and YouTube support the videos.

The first wave of the campaign took place in November-December 2023 to target students before the festive season.  A second wave will run in June 2024 to target festival goers and university students.


November-December 2023:

  • YouTube Hairdresser views: 218 (EN), 15,000 (FR) and 8,600 (NL).
  • YouTube Sauce views: 523 (EN), 12,000 (FR) and 21,000 (NL)
  • Meta ads had 3,100,449 impressions and reached 632,483
  • YouTube ads had 334,388 impressions.

Measurement & evaluation

A survey following the first wave of the campaign found that the campaign was helpfull for: 55,79% thinking about on consumption, 64,76% saying NO to peer pressure and 66,67% avoiding putting pressure on peers.  68% of respondents found that the campaign message is clear.




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