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To better inform consumers about responsible drinking.

To better inform consumers about the dangers of alcohol misuse.

Description works both as an information source and as an EU portal to drive consumers to relevant partner sites.  The aim of the website is to help spiritsEUROPE’s members to comply with their commitment on consumer education and also to help consumers make balanced and informed decisions.  It was launched in 2008, completely revamped in 2016 and was updated in 2019 and 2020.  It now contains the following sections:

  • Key Facts: This section contains subtopics
    • A quiz on responsible drinking to test “alcohol-awareness”.  It also users towards resources to brush up on their knowledge;
    • Staying safe and keeping within the guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic;
    • What is in a spirit drink, how they are made and their ingredients and nutritional values;
    • Enjoying with moderation and how moderate drinking can be part of a healthy lifestyle;
    • Information about standard drinks
    • Monitoring calories when drinking alcohol.
  • Tips and Tricks: Tips on how to make sure your drinking experience is one to remember and not one to forget.
  • Country Information: Links to national responsible drinking websites and the website managed by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD).


In 2021, the quiz was taken more than 7,000 times and the website had more than 41,000 unique visitors and more than 93,000 page views.

In 2020, the quiz was taken more than 3,000 times and the website had more than 25,000 unique visitors. is used by some of spiritsEUROPE’s members and by a number of distillers across Europe on advertising, point of sale materials and product labels.



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