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To better inform consumers about responsible drinking.
To better inform consumers about the dangers of alcohol misuse.


Launched on 23 October 2008, the EU website was created to support spiritsEUROPE’s members to comply with their commitment on consumer education. 

The site was updated in 2014 before being totally revamped early in 2016 and also in early 2019.  It now contains the following sections: 

  • Key Facts: Recommended low-risk consumption, what a standard drink is and the number of calories in a drink. New to 2019 is What is in a spirit drink section which provides consumers with easy access to detailed information on all spirit drinks legally sold in the EU.  For each of the EU’s 47 spirit drinks categories, calorie information is provided per 100 ml and per serving size, as is the list of ingredients, the full nutrition declaration, and further important information on the production process.
  • Tips and Tricks: Tips on how to make sure your drinking experience is one to remember and not one to forget.
  • Country Information: Links to national responsible drinking websites.


In 2018 the website had over 61,000 unique visitors, over 67,000 visitors (more than one visit) and over 110,000 page views.  The number of unique visitors averaged around 5,500 per month with a peak in December reaching almost 8,000.




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Consumer Information Brochure (Revised June 2008) (doc - 0.13 Mo)
Guidelines for implementation (revised June 2008) (doc - 0.4 Mo)
List of consumer websites in Europe (March 2009) (doc - 0.69 Mo)
High resolution poster (pdf - 3.32 Mo)
Press Release on website launch (pdf - 0.05 Mo)
Template for consumer information website (July 2008) (pdf - 0.35 Mo)