WIM campaign on TV and cinemas

Campanha Vinho com Moderação
Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal
2017 > Ongoing


To promote responsible drinking as a cultural / social norm in order to prevent and reduce alcohol-related abuse and harm.

To educate consumers by helping them to make responsible decisions about consumption.


ACIBEV launched the TV campaign during the 2017 Christmas season.  The 20-second spot aims to inform consumers about responsible drinking and the consequences of alcohol abuse.  The main character is shown in a number of staged situations.  The spot concludes with the idea that life is best lived when it's balanced (healthy lifestyle), and promotes moderate alcohol consumption.  The spot was developed with “Wine in Moderation”, and aired all over Portugal on TV and in cinemas.


It was was viewed by 6,037,479 people in 2017 and 4,000,000 in 2018.


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