Water Reduction Global programme

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The goal is to optimize water use, reduce costs and improve the Group’s environmental impact.

Group’s global targets:

  • Reduce water usage (L/L) by 40% within 2025 and by 42.5% within 2030, having 2019 as a baseline à the former target -20% (L/L) in 2025 and -25% (L/L) in 2030 has been revised following the very positive performance results in 2021.
  • Continue to return 100% of wastewater from operations to the environment safely.


In 2021, the Group launched a Water Reduction programme to develop water saving activities for all its production sites.

As a result of the water efficiency activities implemented by the production sites, the Group achieved its short and long-term commitments earlier than planned leading it to reset its water performance targets with more challenging ones aimed at reducing water usage by 40% within 2025 and by 42.5% within 2030.

As part of the global programme, the Group developed a water cycle diagnostic toolkit for its sites and performed a pilot on-site audit in Novi Ligure (Italy). As a next step, all production sites will be using the diagnostic toolkit to identify key areas of improvement and the related investments needed to achieve the Group’s commitment.

As an example of its commitment, Campari Group is the first rum producer in Jamaica to make a commitment to invest over US$25 million in the implementation of a waste water treatment plant for its rum distillery in New Yarmouth. The outcome of this process is to ensure the safe return of the treated wastewater to the environment and the full recover and rescue of solid residues as animal feed and natural fertilizer.


The Group’s water consumption was improved by -26% compared to 2020 and -37% compared to 2019, as a result of water efficiency activities implemented by the Group’s production sites. Consequently, the volume of water used per litre manufactured decreased to 13.4 L/L.

Measurement & evaluation

From 2013 the QHSE policy has been adopted and applies to all company locations and divisions.
The Group’s environmental performance is certified through international standards (ISO14001/EMAS/ISO50001).
Campari Group has set up a structure dedicated to control environmental pollution, waste, and water disposal and defined and disclosed specific environmental targets aligned with the UN SDGs to be reached by 2025 and 2030.




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