University training in responsible consumption

Formaciones de consumo responsable en Universidades
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To spread the responsible drinking message among young adult consumers.


It is hoped that by raising awareness about responsible drinking among university students, it will help them make more responsible decisions when they drink alcohol.  The initiative consists of a talk of about an hour, where college students (18-25) are taught the following points:

  • Basic concepts about what alcoholic beverages are.
  • Benefits and harms of their consumption.
  • What responsible consumption is.
  • How to estimate BAC levels and UBE (standard units).
  • How to uncover myths and false beliefs about the consumption of alcohol.

Training is based on the peer influence model. A small group is trained with the idea, and later, they inform and influence on the rest. This means that communication and transmission of values, ​​are made between equals, and it makes both the intervention and messages, fit the final recipient.


Cáceres city hall

Ciudad Real Town Hall

Granada town hall and Granada University

Huelva town hall and Huelva Universitiy

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


In 2021, 6 talks were held in different universities reaching more than 500 students.  

In 2019, 245 university students were trained.  In 2017, more than 300 students in different universities and municipalities were trained.  In 2016, 200 students were trained.  Until 2014, five universities in Granada and Huelva took part reaching around 500 students.

Measurement & evaluation

Results of post-training questionnaire in 2021 found that 90% of the students said that their knowledge about alcoholic drinks had improved because of the training.  Also, And their future commitments:

  • More than 70% said it was “highly probable” that they would take the information about responsible drinking into account.
  • 66% said that they would drink responsibly.



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