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Coordination of producers, importers and distributors of spirits
2023 > 2024


  • To help university students be more mindful of their drinking
  • To increase knowledge about alcohol among students
  • To raise awareness of irresponsible drinking and the negative effects of alcohol abuse among students


According to the Standardized European Alcohol Research (RARHA-SEAS) prevalence of excessive episodic drinking in Croatia, at least once a month in the last 12 months, was 11% and was the highest in the age group 18-34 years (17%).  Alcohol was consumed most frequently (once a week or more) at home (30%) or with friends, colleagues and acquaintances (30%).  Research conducted among first year medical students University of Zagreb in academic year 2015/2016 showed prevalence of binge drinking of 72% (80% in males, and 67% in females).  The highest proportion of male (38%) and female (37%) students consumed five or more drinks in a row, six or more times in a last 12 months.   

These studies show that the consumption of alcohol among young people in Croatia is a significant public health problem showing the need for this programme.   

Students from the VERN faculty studying Community management take part in the programme.  The programme is comprised of four parts:

  • Pre/post survey: The survey focuses on consumption habits and knowledge about alcohol and responsible consumption.
  • Information session: Dr Andrija Štampar, Representative of the Teaching Institute for Public Health, teaches the students the basics of alcohol, trends and the importance of responsible alcohol consumption. This information covers topics such as: the effects of alcohol on the body; what a standard drink is; responsible guidelines, limits and when you should not drink alcohol; reasons why you should drink alcohol in moderation; myths, and what the law says about drink-driving.
  • Creative competition: Students work in groups to design a responsible drinking campaign targeting young adults. They must come up with key messages, visuals and a communication plan.  They are supported by university teachers during the process.  
  • Prize ceremony: An expert jury, consisting of two representatives of the Coordination, a professor, and a representative of the marketing agency, will evaluate the entries and award the best campaign. A prize ceremony will be held on VERN where all student campaigns will be presented and the winner will be awarded. Other students from VERN will be invited to listen to presentations.
  • Communications: A media campaign follows to bring awareness to the programme. The programme will also be visible at the web page for students to learn more about responsible drinking after the campaign is finished.
  • Use of creative: The winner will have the pride of seeing their campaign used! The winning campaign will be launched on the largest Croatian portals and OOH digital screens (digital Out Of Home advertising) throughout Croatia.


VERN University

Teaching Institute for Public Health Dr Andrija Štampar


14 students are taking part in the programme.

Measurement & evaluation

The evaluation will be available at the of the semester (end of February 2024).



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