Time to own it, Face it, Stop it

Time to own it, Face it, Stop it
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#ReducingHarmfulDrinking #AwarenessRaising


To promote sensible and responsible drinking patterns.

To raise awareness of the negative effects of binge-drinking (on self, others).

To raise awareness of the importance of pacing one’s drinking behaviour. 

To raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving.


The trend seen in 2022 of increased mental health problems among the population and impatience on the roads leading accidents carried on through 2023.  In addition, these trends are occasionally founded on drug and alcohol consumption.  Therefore, it was decided to create an initiative that could be directed at several audiences at once. 

The idea was to play with the idea of “time” and to remind people that they should make time to calmly look at their lifestyle and keep moderation at the core of what they do.  A series of hard-hitting messages targeted different aspects of time-loss (such as time loss due to accidents) and underlined personal responsibility, speaking up and looking out for others.

  • Drink-Driving Focus: Time to look out for each other: Alcohol abuse is a major cause of traffic accidents. We all know that nothing good ever comes from drinking and driving.  Step up and look out for the ones you love.  Never let them drink and drive!
  • Excessive drinking Focus: When will you stop causing them pain? While you’re enjoying that extra drink, your family is worried sick. Not to mention the temper you’ll throw once they stand up to you.  Are you not realising that by getting drunk you’re destroying the relationships you cherish? Excessive drinking is a major cause of family issues. Time to Own it, Face it and STOP IT. 
  • Alcohol Abuse Focus: Time to know your limits: Drunk is fun, right? No, it’s annoying and embarrassing.  Probably you’ll do things you regret.  Grow up.  Alcohol Abuse Undermines your healthy social interactions.  Time to Own it.  Face it and STOP IT. 
  • Hangover Focus: When is it the right time to stop embarrassing yourself? Late again. Plastered again. Are you not aware of how unprofessional that looks?  And you seriously believe your colleagues enjoy working with someone with such habits?  Hangover from alcohol abuse affects your performance and relationships.  Now is the time to Own it, Face it, STOP IT. 

The messages were shared on social media (Facebook and Instagram) the drinkawaremalta website and outdoor billboards.


G7 (the largest event and party organisers in Malta, for example, Isle of MTV)


It is important first to see the results within the context of Malta’s popuation size of around 500,000; around 20% of which are temparary residents from other countries.  The aim was to reach around 90,000 to 110,000, 18- to 35-year-olds.

All social media: Total Engagement: 46,215; Total Reach: 724,997; Total Impressions: 1,885,445

  • Drink-driving: Engagement: 24,012; Total Reach: 203,167; Impressions: 450,699
  • Excessive drinking: Engagement: 16,115; Total Reach: 193,855; Impressions: 193,855
  • Alcohol Abuse: Engagement: 1,832; Total Reach: 135,592; Impressions: 95,1855
  • Hangover: Engagement: 4,256; Total Reach: 192,383; Impressions: 289,046

The exposure to outdoor billboards was in the hundreds of thousands given the extremly high traffic in the areas where the messages were placed.

Measurement & evaluation

Main finding of the 2023 survey responses: 628 (96% of which were in the age-group target group)

  • Around 80% drank same or less than previous years, but socialising increased by 53.6% compared to previous years.
  • Of the around 30% who saw a campaign message 76.8% understood it and the message made 72.5% think about their consumption.




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