There is only one alcohol

Alkohol je jen jeden
Union of the Czech Spirits Producers and Importers
Czech Republic
2020 > Ongoing
#AwarenessRaising #SocialMedia


To raise awareness that all alcohol is equal: whether it be beer, wine or spirits

To raise awareness of standard units and the amount of alcohol they contain

To raise awarness that how much you drink is more important than the type of alcoholic drink


The campaign was launched following a survey to gauge understanding of the alcohol content of different alcoholic drinks.  The Ipsos agency carried out a survey on a sample of 1,100 respondents on behalf of the Union of Producers and Importers of Spirits in the Czech Republic (UVDL).  It found that basic knowledge on the alcohol content of beer, wine and spirits was low since many confuse the alcohol content percentages on bottles (alcohol content per 1 litre of beverage) with the actual alcohol content in a serving resulting in not knowing much alcohol is in a drink. 

  • 90% of respondents believed that a large shot of 40% spirit (0.04 l - 16 g of alcohol) contains more alcohol than a glass of white wine (2 dcl -22 g of alcohol) or a large 10° beer (0.5 l - 20 g of alcohol).
  • 94% believed that a small 10° beer contains less alcohol than a small shot (0.02 dcl) of 40% spirit.
  • 93% believed that a large 10° beer contains less alcohol than a large shot of 40% spirit.
  • 74% believed that a large 10° beer contains less alcohol than a small shot (0.02 l) of 40% spirit.
  • 58% believed that a large 12° beer contains less alcohol than a small shot of 40% spirit.
  • More women (92%) than men (87%) described a glass of wine as a drink with a lower alcohol content.
  • More younger people aged 18 to 35 (11%) and university students (13%) correctly guessed the amount of alcohol in large beer.

The face of the campaign is personified in the character of Pepa Vípil, whose name consists of the first letters of the words VI (VÍno: wine) PI (Pivo: Beer), L (Lihovina: spirits) underlining the fact that that all alcohol is equal.  Pepa Vípil aims to raise awareness of responsible drinking, facts about alcohol, common mistakes and standard drinks.  He underlines that it’s not what you drink but how much.  It doesn't matter if you drink beer, wine, or spirits, but how much you drink.  There is no softer or harder, better or worse, healthier or more harmful, alcohol is simply alcohol.  And it’s best to drink it responsibly!  The campaign was launched in November 2020 and is run on Facebook.  Reach will be available after it ends, mid-2021. 

The campaign will run mainly Facebook, from November 2020 to mid-2021 under the umbrella of “Drinkwise”.


Reach will be measured by engagement on the Facebook posts.


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