The Green Hustle

The Green Hustle
Pernod Ricard
European Union
2017 > 2019
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The problem with bar waste is real. For instance, bars in London alone produce 800 000 tons of waste every year. ‘The Green Hustle’ initiative aims to reduce these wastes by inspiring and helping bartenders to be more sustainable.


Offer a platform to bartenders where they can share sustainable practices. While some of them might seem really obvious, they are super easy to implement. It’s small acts of change like these which can have a hugely positive impact. In the end of the day these are both beneficial to the environment, the industry and your bottom line. Absolut partnered with bartenders Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths – the famous Trash Tiki duo willing to inject “a bit of personality back into the boring topic of sustainability”. Encouraging bars and restaurants to talk to each other could do a lot to reduce waste, eg donating the egg yolks leftover from whiskey sours to a pastry chef!

There are several examples presented such as:

  • Last straws: This hack is great for the environment, and might save money too! Why not use tasting spoons instead when taste testing or try to source compostable or recyclable straws for your cocktails.
  •  Stock & Roll: how to end single-use ingredients by recycling the left-overs from cocktails (lemon, orange peels, etc – plenty of recipes here). 
  • Composting behind the bar: Why not get hands on a bokashi composting bin and start composting in the bar. Or why not share one with a neighbouring bar? The compost will be great to use for growing garnishes too!
  • Put a lid on it – the idea is to make people stop and think to key questions: Do I need to throw this away or can I use it again? Am I actually using the right bin? Where is this waste going to end up?
  • Refuse and reuse: Challenge bar staff to recycle everything they can get in their hands, such as broken glass, tin cans and used cardboard and making sure waste are separate into different bins during the night.
  • Ice cold resurrection: Consider re-freezing melted ice at the end of the night and using it again.


The Absolut Company 

Trash Tiki


Pernod Ricard sponsored the Trash Tiki 28-stop tour to encourage / educate bartenders all over the world to think about ingredient use.




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