The faces of alcohol

Las caras del alcohol
Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
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To increase knowledge and awareness of the risks associated with alcohol consumption by those who are underage.
To raise awareness among pupils of the laws restricting the purchase and consumption of alcohol, and why these exist.
To equip parents with information on the usage of alcohol by teenagers.
To delay the onset of regular drinking among those who are under the legal drinking age.


The web site was launched on 2006 as pilot programme in three countries United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Spain.  

The website is based on three pillars:

  • An interactive part to be used by pupils in their leisure time (11-16 year olds).
  • Work sheets to assist teachers in addressing the issue in scientific or civic education curricula.
  • Information and guidance for parents to address alcohol with their children.

In 2011 FAS restructured the site to exploit its use as an informational tool in each of the targets and to improve site access and usability as an educational programme.  The website has three different target audiences, so each section was adapted accordingly (students, parents and teachers).  It works as three independent sites under the umbrella of one website.  Content was also reduced to make the site more attractive and easy to navigate.

A tool on the teachers section was created to control and monitor the use of the website as a Pedagogic Programme and keep track of every activity done, time on each page visited etc.


CONCAPA (Catholic Parents Association)
Generation Europe Foundation
COFACE (Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union)
AEDE (European Teachers Association)
AECA (European Association of Communication Agencies)


From the 2010 school year until December 2022 the website had 169,398 visits and 426,698,436,258 page views.



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