The Campari Academy Truck

2016 > 2018


To introduce the idea of learning about and of experimenting with the “art of drinking well” in order to support responsible consumption.


The Campari Academy School of Excellence (Campari Academy) was formed in 2012, in order to provide training and the dissemination of the culture of quality drinking responsibly.  The Truck was launched in 2016 as part of the initiative in order to support the #Beremeglio campaign

The Truck visits different cities where industry professionals and amateurs attend lectures dedicated to the world of mixology and responsible drinking.  Lectures include the correct combination of cocktails and gourmet recipes, and a focus on quality and responsible serving, which includes the sharing of Campari’s Responsible Serving Guidelines.  Participants receive a certificate to show they have attended the training.

The idea is to create a new generation of professionals who spread the positive values of responsible drinking. The figure of the bartender is focussed on to remind participants that the bartender not only prepares the best cocktails, but also is the first to remind the customer not to drink too much. 

The complete Truck schedule, photos of events and more information can be found on the dedicated micro-site.


In 2016, the Truck visited 23 cities providing over 100 courses reaching around 2,300 participants.
In 2017, the Truck visited 23 cities.
In 2018, the Truck visited 21 cities and 105 courses were held.



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