The bill you do not want to pay

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To increase awareness of the risks related to drink-driving.

To increase awareness of the effects of alcohol on driving.

To reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents.

To increase awareness of drink-driving laws and BAC levels.


The idea of the campaign is to help drivers understand that drink-driving is dangerous. In addition to the risk of a fine there is a risk of material damages (this includes damage to themselves, other motorists or pedestrians – and could even result in death) and the financial consequences linked to them. 

Central to the campaign is a fictive receipt which shows the possible cost of an accident such as loss of life, damages to a vehicle, hospital stay and treatment, and, court and lawyer’s expenses.  The receipt also highlights the fact that accidents that happen after drivers have drank alcohol are not covered by insurance and all costs must be met personally.  It recommends alternative ways of getting home such as a taxi, public transport or a Drink&Drive service.  In 2023, the receipt also had a QR code linked to a unit calculator.  The QR code was created by university students taking part in the “When and how much” programme.

In 2009, the campaign was aimed at young drivers in the on-trade (night clubs, bars and discos) who are more likely to drive after drinking alcohol and run during the season of the prom balls (when young people celebrate school graduation).  It was comprised of two parts:

  • Presentation about the campaign: It was held at the Sofia Bar Show, one of the most prominent bar & equipment events.  It was given by Stefan A. Shterev, a famous Bulgarian actor who is committed to helping to lowering the number of drink-drivers.
  • On-trade activations: In addition to the normal receipt, an additional one was handed out which contained the fictitious cost of an accident due to drink-driving.  This shock factor enabled conversation about the risks of harmful use of alcohol and the alternatives for going back home safely. The receipts were distributed both by the promotion team (first night) and by the outlet staff.

In 2023, the campaign was run during the Roadpol Safety Days (16-22 September).  It was comprised of:

  • Round Tabe at the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport called “No dangerous roads, No alcohol!”
  • Information Session for students taking part in the “When and how much” programme.  Activities included the distribution of fictional receipts and wearing “alcohol glasses” which mimic the distortion that a drunk driver sees.
  • Fictitious receipts handed out by traffic police during standard road checks.  The ALCOcalculator, winner of the 2023 “When and how much” programme was added on to the receipts.

Its continuation in 2024 will include activities on the National Day of Traffic Safety in June and annual communication with driver applicants nationwide.


Todor Kableshkov University of Transport (2023)

Bulgarian Traffic Police (2023)

Bulgarian Red Cross (2023)

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Bulgarian Association of Victims of Crashes (2019)


2023: A total of 50,000 fictitious receipts were distributed during activities and 71 students and 13 university tutors took part in the information session.

2019: On-trade venues and staff participated with great enthusiasm and pleasure.  13 on-trade venues in Sofia and 2 in the Bourgas region took part.  About 100 people were reached at each venue.  There were 14 interviews and publications about the campaign.

Measurement & evaluation

2019: 95% of those who received the receipt claimed that they had chosen to leave the venue by taxi, a drink and drive company or public transport.


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