The Balance Challenge - #TheBalanceChallenge

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2020 > 2020
#AwarenessRaising #SocialMedia


To remind people over the festive period about the importance of drinking in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle.

To encourage people to swap an alcoholic drink for water.

To encourage people donate the cost of an alcoholic drink to Water Aid.


Amid the increase in social media usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, Diageo wanted to reach young adults who rely on apps like Instagram to stay connected with others.  The aim was to engage mobile users with an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience that urged them to practice moderation and to support a worthy cause. 

The Balance Challenge was an Instagram effects filter designed to encourage people to swap an alcoholic drink with water.  To demonstrate the importance of balance, the AR filter challenged mobile users to match a series of on-screen poses and balance a virtual image of a water container on various parts of their bodies.

Diageo also encouraged participants to donate the cost of an alcoholic drink to WaterAid through Instagram’s donate sticker.  Every donation, from anywhere in the world, was matched pound for pound by the UK government.

The initiative is part of Diageo’s pledge to change to reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation by 2030, as announced in the company’s ten-year sustainability action plan Society 2030: Spirit of Progress.


WaterAid, a non-governmental organisation focused on water, sanitation and hygiene.  



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