Teaching material for High Schools

Undervisningsmateriale til gymnasier
God Alkoholkultur
2016 > Ongoing
#Parents&Teachers #AwarenessRaising


To raise awareness of the alcohol culture among pupils.


Web based teaching material for High Schools. The material is aimed for use during lectures in Biology, Psychology, Danish and Social Science.  For example the Biology section includes an explanation on the effect that alcohol has on the body and on the brain, the Danish section includes information on the Danish party culture, and the Psychology section includes what happens to people's behaviour after they've drank alcohol.


PR material and posters were mailed to all High Schools (166).
PR material was mailed to all headmasters (154).
PR material was presented at a conference for advisory staff.
PR material was recommended on the webpage for preventive workers at the municipalities.
7,093 unique visitors looked at the material in 2017.




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Don´t be a Maja.pdf (pdf - 0.14 Mo)
Don´t be a Malte.pdf (pdf - 0.14 Mo)