Sustainable Viticulture in Cognac

La filière Cognac engagée pour une viticulture durable et responsable
Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac
2016 > Ongoing
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To develop the good practices, make them more transparent and sustain its vineyard, Cognac sector chose an ambitious environmental certification approach for its wine-growing holdings. 

Cognac aims for 100% of the winegrowers to be certified by 2028, leaning on different types of existing labels. Indeed, Cognac wishes to foster all synergies to push collectively in the right direction.

 Cognac sector is proud to positively contribute to its territory development to the benefits of its people. It oversees its environmental and societal impact while seeking for a continued reduction of its use of pesticides to emancipate itself from them with time.


For this continuous progress and improvement initiative, winegrowers are committed to protect their environment while preserving biodiversity, soils and water quality, therefore, their employees and neighbours health.

Mechanical weeding, confined spraying technology, effluents management, planting hedgerows,… all good practices, including those from organic converted actors are encouraged and shared.

Improvement of standards of production by focusing on 6 pillars: 

  1. Sustainability of the vineyard.
  2. Protection of the environment: use of confined spraying technology limiting the pollution of the environment.
  3. Reducing the use of phytosanitary products: ban of chemical weeding and use of alternative techniques.
  4. Management of effluents from both viticulture and distillation.
  5. Training, Health and Security.
  6. Promote dialogue between winegrowers and their neighbours.


  • Chambre D’Agriculture de Charente 
  • Chambre D’Agriculture de Charente-Maritime 
  • Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) 
  • Agricultural cooperatives 
  • Syndicat professionnel des courtiers en vins et spiritueux de la Région délimitée Cognac 
  • Syndicat des maisons de Négoce 
  • Syndicat des Bouilleurs de profession
  • UGVC
  • Pineau des Charentes
  • Pépiniéristes
  • Consultants 


In November 2022: 2,955 out of 4,200 winegrowers signed up to join the first level of commitment. This number represents 70% of the winegrowers and 85% of the Cognac vineyard. 

Measurement & evaluation

The Cognac certification is monitored by independent inspectors accredited by the French ministry of Agriculture. Winegrowers must remain fully compliant with the requirements of the certification scheme or they can lose it. 



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