Slow Drinking

Slow Drinking
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Through these tools, Bacardi seeks to spread a message of responsibility at European level by countering the abusive and irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by communicating and informing consumers of the harmful effects of this practice. The aim is to create a common practice among all Bacardi brands. The main message is: consume less but better. Through its communication, Slow Drinking aims to be educational and benevolent, and hopes to transmit responsible habits for every festive occasion.


Slow Drinking is a responsible drinking programme launched by Bacardi Martini France in 2012 for consumers that has expanded to Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. It promotes responsible, reasoned and respectful drinking by providing advice and information on responsible drinking.

Slow Drinking's motto is "take your time" and it opposes binge drinking by preventing the risks of binge drinking and encouraging a measured and controlled consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Since 2020, in addition to highlighting the codes of mixology, it informs on its environmental issues by giving advice and raising awareness on sustainable development.

Currently, Slow Drinking has no commercial products, it only communicates via social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and on its website. The posts on social networks range from responsible drinking rules/tips, to recipes for cocktails with and without alcohol, to food-pairing, but also informative posts on current events in terms of sustainability. Responsible drinking is in every post, whether explicit or implicit.


Currently we have an average of 13,249 followers on Facebook and 17,637 followers on Instagram. (Average established on the accounts: France, Italy, Spain, Dutch Belgium, French Belgium and the Global Europe account).




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