Serve Well, Drink Better- How to serve alcoholic beverages responsibly

Servir Bem, Beber Melhor - Como servir bebidas alcoólicas com responsabilidade
Associação Nacional de Bebidas Espirituosas
2015 > 2018
#AwarenessRaising #StaffTraining


To educate serving and selling staff about the responsible serving and selling of alcohol.

To improve knowledge and skills related to responsible drinking for owners and staff.

To raise awareness of the law related to serving alcohol.

To inform and educate about the effects of harmful alcohol consumption.


The programme aims to promote the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages and is intended for those who serve and/or sell alcohol like hoteliers, restaurants, and cafés.  It was developed by and is implemented in partnership with Turismo de Portugal.

Through various training activities and distribution of awareness materials staff are educated on how to enforce the law, prevent the consumption of alcohol by the underage and intoxicated.  They also receive useful information on alcoholic beverages in general.  After the training, an exam can be taken.  If passed a certificate is issued.

The programme has two manuals (a student manual and a trainer manual).  

  • The student manual covers a number of topics including: the law related to the serving and selling of alcoholic beverages, the responsibilities of a professional server/seller of alcohol; how to ensure respect of the law; alcohol and the body and creating a friendly atmosphere.
  • The trainer manual covers all necessary steps in the planning, orientation, distribution and marketing of the course. 
    Both manuals can be downloaded from


Turismo de Portugal, I.P. – (Portugese Institute of Tourism, in charge of all HORECA training schools in the country)


The training manual was downloaded 2,404 times in 2018.



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Trainer Manual (pdf - 5.88 Mo)
Student Manual (pdf - 1.64 Mo)