Selling alcohol to minors is illegal

La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs
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2015 > 2019
#AwarenessRaising #Offtrade


To prevent the sale of alcohol to underage persons.

To remind shops of the ban on selling alcohol to underage persons.


The campaign began in December 2015, in order to underscore the importance of not selling alcohol to underage people and the risks associated with underage alcohol consumption.

Posters were clearly displayed in the aisles which sell alcoholic beverages in order to inform customers of the law.   A fact sheet was distributed to each participating store to remind the staff about the law and to provide practical advice on what to do if an underage person tries to buy an alcoholic beverage.


  • Fédération de l'Epicerie et du Commerce de Proximité
  • A2Pas
  • Carrefour
  • Casino
  • Francap Diapar


This campaign was rolled out in 5,755 food convenience stores across France.  Each store received 15-50 posters depending on its size.


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