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Union of the Czech Spirits Producers and Importers
Czech Republic
2017 > 2018


To raise awareness of the dangers of mixing alcohol and water-based activities.


Sailing on Czech rivers is an ever more popular type of holiday for many Czech citizens.  Unfortunately, some connect sailing and drinking of a lot of alcohol together.  This is often the cause of fatal injuries on rivers, which have grown over the past few years.

As a result, the campaign was launched to warn against alcohol consumption while sailing/boating.   The dangers, such as drowning and hypothermia, of drinking whilst sailing were shared on a dedicated section of the responsible drinking website.  The law and fines related to being intoxicated whilst sailing/boating were also communicated. 

The message was shared through the association’s members, on Facebook, magazines and newspapers, and on TV.  It was also shard via a series of YouTube videos: Vít Přindiš, the kayak world champion, advises sailors to avoid drinking before boating; an interview with boaters who admit to drinking before taking to the water and boaters answering whether they know the penalty of taking to the water under the influence.  


Until December 2018: The campaign featured in 10 magazines and newspapers, and the campaign messages had more than 40,000 views on Facebook.

Measurement & evaluation

The campaign spurred a society-wide discussion on the issue and led to an improvement of the situation on Czech rivers such as halting the “sailing bars” (licensed boats that sell alcohol) on Czech rivers.  Also, the number of deaths on rivers went down in 2017.



Sail Responsibly
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