Safe in the streets

Pramogauk saugiai – nevairuok išgėręs
Association of Lithuanian Alcoholic Beverages' Producers and Importers
2017 > 2017
#AwarenessRaising #On-trade


To address drink-driving and responsible drinking problems by educating society about responsible alcohol consumption.


The campaign was launched in order to address the problem of drink-driving as 9% of road accidents are caused by drunk drivers in Lithuania.  It consists of the following activities:

Representatives of the “Lithuanian liberal youth” and police officers visit bars on Friday and Saturday nights to advise people about responsible drinking.  They also distribute leaflets with the “Don’t drive drunk” message.
Breathalyser tests are handed out to people in bars to so that they can measure their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.
Social media information campaign which includes communication in social media via NGO’s, Police’s, cities’ profiles on Facebook (the No1 social network in Lithuania).
Public relations activities which include press releases about the programme, interviews with a psychologist and police officers about responsible drinking and drink-driving.


NGO Lithuanian Liberal Youth
Police of the Lithuania
Vilnuis city municipality
Other municipalities in Lithuania


Until the end of November 2017:

3,000 leaflets were printed and handed out. 
42 bars and nightclubs were visited (combined total of 120 times) reaching 1,800-2,400 direct contacts. 
Banners were shown on the on the,, internet news portals.

Measurement & evaluation

Until the end of November 2017:

Face-to-face communication showed that people usually underestimated the effect of alcohol on their body. However, upon seeing the result of the breathalyser test, they agreed that to risk driving - even after a small drink - was too big. 
The response from official institutions, municipalities and police was very positive.
To have more impact direct communication needs to be continued. Therefore, the campaign will continue, in some form, in the largest cities. 


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