Responsible Drinking website

alcoolsansbemol (French) DrinkWijs (Dutch)
Vinum & Spiritus
2010 > Ongoing
#AwarenessRaising #Consumerinfowebsite


To raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.

To inform consumers about low risk levels of consumption.


In 2019, the decision to no longer update the responsible drinking website was taken.  Consumers can now visit the dedicated alcohol and society section on the Vinum & Spiritus website.  It contains information on:

  • How to drink moderately: Information such what a standard drink is, when not to drink and how to drink moderately.
  • Actions: Information on the actions carried out related to responsible drinking.
  • A news section which contains the latest news.


New section: The site has around 600 visitors per year.

Old website: The Dutch part of the website had 1,600 sessions, 1,220 users and an average of 2.06 page views per session from 27 August to 21 December 2016.  From July 2017 to February 2018, the Dutch section of the website had 350 unique hits and the French section has 271 unique hits.



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