Drink Wisely

#L’alcoolSansBémol / #DrinkWijs
Vinum & Spiritus
2018 > Ongoing


To raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.    

To inform consumers about the dangers of drink driving.   

To significantly reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by driving while intoxicated.


Vinum Et Spiritus and the Emilie Leus Fund started working together in 2018 to raise awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.  They have joined together to carry out a variety of projects:

  • In November 2018, “Alcoscans” (an electronic breathalyser specifically designed for public use) installed in parking lots and ontrade businesses.  The Alcoscan allows the consumer to drive safely and responsibly as they can at all times check whether they are over the permitted amount of alcohol in their body.  The action started in Flanders but the hope is to spread it to Brussels and Wallonia.   
  • 10 – 19 October 2018, Brussels Expo – Megavino: Visitors at the Megavino wine and spirits fair received information about responsible drinking and were encouraged not to drive after drinking.  Alcotests with the “No drunk driving” message were distributed and the Aksident theatre group actively encouraged visitors to test their blood alcohol level.  If the visitor was over the limit, Taxis Verts provided them with a safe ride home.  


Emilie Leus Fund (www.fondsemilieleus.be)


Alcoscans: 15 alcoscans have been sponsored bringing the total number of alcoscans to 50.  They are placed in more than 10 major cities in Flanders.

Megavino : Distribution of over 2,000 alcohol testers while Taxi Verts carried out more than 50 trips during the Megavino fair.  


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