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To raise consumer knowledge and awareness of the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.


The consumer information website was launched on 20 November at the Sofia Sheraton Hotel.  In 2014 the website was completely revamped and went live again in February 2015.  It has since been updated to include information on staying safe during COVID-19 and the energy values ​​and nutrients of spirit drinks. It contains different targeted sections which include: 

  • “Alcohol and Us”: provides general information about alcohol as well information such as guidelines for responsible drinking; 
  • “Alcohol and Age”: provides information such as the effect alcohol has on the body; 
  • “Alcohol and Retail”: includes the Bulgarian Charter for Responsible Sale and Consumption of Alcohol, an evaluation of the WE DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL TO MINORS programme, a list of retail outlets which have signed the Charter and promote the program and links to media coverage;
  • “For Parents and Teenagers”: includes useful information about teenagers and advice for their parents;
  • “Drive Responsibly”: provides advice about safe driving and ways of getting back home safely after a night out;
  • “Myths about Alcohol”, “Useful Advice” and “Useful Links”.

The website is advertised at all industry events including all CSR events.


In 2023 the website had 97,275 unique visitors, 131,956 visits and 337,773 hits.

The webisite had 11,937 unique visitors in 2021; 7,807 unique visitors in 2020; 9,496 in 2019 and 98,641 in 2018.  This means that total population awareness is near saturation.  In order to increase awareness a targeted approach is needed.

The launch was covered by 20 online news websites, 5 newspapers, 3 TV stations and 2 national radio stations.  In 2013 (Jan-Dec) the website recorded over 18,400 unique visitors (up from around 4,000 in 2011).  The website had a total of 6,800 unique visits and 70,000 page clicks in 2015.  35% of the visitors were aged 16-19.  In 2016, there were 8,828 unique visitors to the site (November 2016).  In 2017, the website had 113,696 unique visitors.

Measurement & evaluation

IARD sent recommendations for an update in September 2015, which were taken into consideration.  The Bulgarian Ministry of Health was approached for comment and recommendations in November 2015.  The Bulgarian regional health inspectorates on behalf of the Bulgarian Ministry of health approve of and appreciate site.  After discussion, they became involved with spiritsBulgaria's prevention and responsible drinking campaigns.



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