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To promote and raise awareness of responsible drinking.


The consumer information website  was updated in 2022.  It contains five sections which have sub-sections relating to the topic:

  • Alcohol & Policies: contains information on important facts and definitions; policies and laws related to alcohol consumption and responsible spirits advertising.
  • Health & Responsibility: contains information on how alcohol affects the body; about alcohol consumption among young people and older people, and, alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Work & Leisure: contains information about whether you can drink at work; questions and answers about drink-driving, and, information about keeping safe during sports and on holiday.
  • Tips & Help: contains ten tips on how to drink with moderation; answers to common questions and correcting common myths; recommendations for first aid in emergencies and contact points for alcohol in Austria. The ten tips section provides a link to a quiz where users can test their knowledge about alcohol. 
  • About Us 

Visibility of the website is spread through Members of the Austrian Spirits Association who add the website address to POS (Point of Sale) and communication materials.  Co-operation with Ministry of Transport helped to increase awareness of drink-driving and led the start of the Austrian-wide media (billboard, TV, radio) campaign “Alkohol am Steuer: Könnten Sie damit leben?” (Drink-driving: could you live with it?) in October 2010.


2010: Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology


In 2022 the website had over 49,000 visitors and over 39,000 unique visitors.  Over 123,000 pages were viewed.

From May 2019 until April 2020 the website had 43,939 visitors. In 2021, it had between 2,000 and 4,000 visitors each month.  From mid December 2017 to 1 March 2018 it had 1,155 unique visitors.  However, due to an update of the website earlier data is not available.  In 2009 the website had more than 16,000 unique visitors.  This had risen to more than 42,000 in 2010. In 2011 and 2012 the average had dropped to 32,000 visits per year.




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