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Másnap Máshogy
Hungarian Spirits Association
2021 > 2021
#ReducingHarmfulDrinking #AwarenessRaising #Influencers #SocialMedia


To help young adults aged 18-29 to be more aware of their alcohol consumption.

To provide credible information and useful tips on how to drink moderately.

To change the mindset and attitude of young adults when it comes to binge drinking.

To create the trend of social discussion around moderate drinking.


The campaign was the result of the understanding that young adults would likely want to enjoy their regained freedom over the summer after the relaxation of COVID-19 measures.  The summer is also party and festival season which provides young people with ample opportunity to drink alcohol and many occasions where they can binge-drink.

The 3-month educational campaign was designed to educate young adults to be more conscious of their alcohol consumption and thus reduce the risk of having a hangover and/or a blackout by drinking too much.  Emphasis was placed on being able to enjoy the day after a night out.  Informational content was posted onto the website and on the related social media channels (Facebook and Instagram and YouTube).  This included:

  • Influencer content: 5 influencers (were asked about the best and worst memories relating to alcohol consumption. The influencers are: Norbert Vasovski, DJ); Patrik Esztergályos, Sportsperson; Ponekker Virág, lifestyle content creator; Vivien Halász, sports person and Jilly Krisztina, lifestyle content creator.  The interviews were posted onto the website and a YouTube video was also created.
  • Expert content: Articles by Annamária Porkoláb-Minarik (clinical psychologist and mindfulness educator) and Emese Antal (dietitian and sociologist) were posted on the hu website. These include how to stay in control of your alcohol consumption, how to enjoy festivals without being hungover and facts and misconceptions about alcohol. 
  • Alcohol Etiquette for the Summer 2021: Provides information and useful tips on how to drink responsibly and can be downloaded after the Next Day quiz is taken.

Also, to encourage engagement in the campaign content, two quizzes and a photo competition were organised:  

  • Next day quiz (website): this 12-question quiz was created by the campaign experts (Emese Antal and Annamária Porkoláb-Minarik) and once completed the Alcohol Etiquette infographic can be downloaded. Questions revolve around the effects of alcohol on the body and hangovers.  During the campaign period quiz takers could win a trip to a distillery (prize draws in August and September). 
  • Festival quiz (website): this 4-question quiz revolves around responsible consumption. During the campaign period quiz takers could win a BalatonPiknik season ticket (prize draw in September).
  • Photo competition (Facebook and Instagram): The target audience was asked to share a photo of themselves being active the day after a night out. A selection of entries are posted on the website and the winners received a festival ticket.


The campaign reached a total of 250,000 through the website and social media channels. 

  • More than 600,000 were reach across the social media platforms. Posts received more than 1,300,000 impressions the top 3 of which generated 285,000, 225,000 and 192,000 impressions respectively.  Also, the posts with the most clicks generated 1,141, 1147 and 640 clicks respectively and the posts with the most reactions generated 502, 452 and 448 reactions respectively. 
  • More than 1,000 respondents completed the educational quizzes.
  • During the campaign period, the website generated nearly 15,000 visits.

Also, three press releases were issued which were seen by over 7 million, close to a million and just under 4 million respectively. 




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