Prevention campaign "Don't Drink and Drive"

Präventionskampagne „Don’t Drink and Drive“
Austrian Spirits Association
2017 > 2017
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To raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving at the relevant point of sale.
To promote safe and responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks.


The campaign focuses on drivers who would normally drive after drinking alcohol.  It aims is to help them understand that drink-driving is dangerous and to point out potential risks if they choose to drive while intoxicated.  Not only is there a risk of a fine, but also a risk of material damage - especially to the health and lives of themselves, other motorists or pedestrians resulting in financial consequences.  It aims to sensitise the target group without being patronising. 

In addition to the normal receipt, an additional one is handed out in the on-trade which contains the fictitious cost of an accident due to drink-driving.  The receipt lists items like “Towing: 300 €”, “Car repair: 5,500 €” and “Administrative fines: 1,350 €”.  The receipt asks if it is “really worth it” and goes on to advise using public transport, taxi or asking a sober friend instead if the person has drunk alcohol. 

Leaflets are handed out and posters displayed which highlight the campaign's key “drinking and driving don't mix” message.  They also contain behavioural tips and an appeal not to drive after having consumed alcohol but instead to use another means of transport.  The receipts are not currently being handed out, but the posters and leaflets are still available in participating venues. The campaign was promoted at 2018's “Wiener Wiesn”. 


National members
International spirit producers (Diageo, Pernod-Ricard)


168 clubs, bars and restaurants nationwide took part.

Measurement & evaluation

Most of the clubs, restaurants and bars have reacted very positively and felt that it is a good initiative to support.  Customers were curious and inspired by the leaflets and posters and the receipts were authentic and attention-grabbing.  


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