Partnership with the Road Prevention Association

Partenariat avec l'association Prévention Routière
Prévention et Modération
2020 > 2020


To raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving.

To reduce alcohol-related road accidents.


Figures from the National Inter-ministerial Road Safety Observatory (OISR) for 2019, show that alcohol is one of the leading causes of road fatalities and is responsible for 32% of fatal road accidents, rising to 50% at night.  In addition, drink-driving accidents are much more serious with 13% resulting in fatalities compared to 5% for those where alcohol is not a factor.  Also, 63% of drink-drivers involved in a fatal accident had a blood alcohol (BAC) limit greater than 1.5 g/l (the legal limit is 0.5).  Moreover, results of the 2016 study “Narcotics and Fatal Accidents” (ActuSAM) shows that drink-driving increases the odd ratio risk of a fatal accident by an average of 18 with a marked dose effect (6.4 for a BAC of between 0.5 and 0.8 g/l; 8.3 for a BAC of between 0.8 and 1.2 g/l; 24.4 for a BAC between 1.2 and 2 g/l and up to 44.4 for BAC above 2 g/l).

With these statistics in mind, the Prévention Routière and Prévention et Moderation associations signed a two-year partnership in early 2020 to carry out awareness activities aimed at reducing alcohol-related road accidents.

The first action resulting from this partnership began in October 2020 with the “Prev&Go” awareness kit.  The kit is used by the 1,500 Prévention Routière volunteers of the when carrying out their actions.  It was created to be flexible and therefore suitable for all audiences (young drivers, company employees, seniors, etc.) and for all occasions (evening outings, festivals, forums, companies, etc.).  

The kit has a set of awareness-raising material dedicated to the theme of alcohol and driving which includes:

  • The average serving size at home and in a pub
  • 2 “Ethyway” breathalysers
  • A roll-up showing the legal BAC levels, time it takes to eliminate one unit of alcohol from the body
  • A mat where the participant follows a route using “alcohol glasses” (glasses that mimic drunkenness)
  • Awareness flyers
  • A BAC simulator

Video testimonies of road-accident victims and drivers responsible for accidents were also created.


Prévention Routière


In 2020, 40 kits were used during the 700 actions carried out by the Prévention Routière volunteers, reaching 75,000 people.


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Prev&Go questions (in French) (pdf - 0.11 Mo)