Pohoda Festival

Fórum PSR Slovensko
2019 > 19


To adress drink and drive topic by a preventive and educational project at the Slovakia´s biggest festival Pohoda.

To adress underage drinking topic by a preventive and educational project.

Minimize drinking & drive situations. 

Raise awareness and knowledge about the risks related to underage alcohol consumption as well as drink and drive. 


Pohoda Festival is Slovakia’s No.1 music and arts festival.  It has 30,000 visitors per day (a total of 90,000) / 127 artists on 12 stages.  Forum PSR Slovensko partnered with the Festival to deliver the prevention and educational programme which consists of:

  • >18 / <18 entry bands: The branded entry wrist bands enable bartenders to differentiate underage participants to help avoid underage drinking.
  • FPSR patrols with alco testers: Branded patrols with certified breathalysers enable festival-goers to check their alcohol level, thus help to avoid drink-driving.  They also receive information and education related to alcohol consumption.
  • Branded table and presentation: The table in the NGO tent and a presentation led by a Sananim professional are aimed at educating festival-goers about alcohol consumption.
  • Education: Educational leaflets are distributed by volunteers and policy officers.
  • Media coverage: Media coverage before, during and after the festival spreads the message to a wider public.


Pohoda Festival


Around 90,000 people reached on-site at the Festival and 3,300 people “tested” their alcohol levels, tens of which delayed driving.  Many were surprised by their residual alcohol level and 60% were wrong in their estimate that they were under the limit to drive.

The coverage reached around 27 Million in total.

Feedback was positive.

There are several evidences of the achievements: 

  • Festival entry wrist bands: No cases of health threats or other serious consequences of underage persons' alcohol use were reported during the festival. 
  • During the festival, police patrols in the Trenčín county arrested only two motor vehicle drivers under the influence of alcohol (from 30,000 visitors of the festival), but it is not known, if the cases were related to the Pohoda festival. 
  • The event achieved significant media coverage and reach, including publicly expressed support of this topic and activity by the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová (personal visit to the programme tent on the site) and many prominent local influencers and celebrities. 




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