Pohoda Festival

Fórum PSR Slovensko
2018 > Ongoing


To raise awareness and knowledge about the risks related to underage alcohol consumption

To minimise the number drink-driving situations


Pohoda Festival is Slovakia’s No.1 music and arts festival.  It has 30,000 visitors per day (a total of 90,000) / 127 artists on 12 stages.  Forum PSR Slovensko partnered with the Festival to deliver the prevention and educational programme which consists of:

  • >18 / <18 entry bands: The branded entry wrist bands enable bartenders to differentiate underage participants to help avoid underage drinking.
  • FPSR patrols with alco testers: Branded patrols with certified breathalysers enable festival goers to check their alcohol level, thus help avoiding drink-driving.  They also receive information and education related to alcohol consumption.
  • Branded table and presentation: The table in the NGO tent and a presentation led by a Sananim professional are aimed at educating festival goers about alcohol consumption.
  • Media coverage: Media coverage before, during and after the festival spreads the message to a wider public.


Pohoda Festival


Around 90,000 people reached on-site at the Festival and 3,300 people “tested” their alcohol levels, tens of which delayed driving.  The coverage reached around 27 Million in total.  Feedback was positive.

Measurement & evaluation

An evaluation will take place in 2019.  The results will be available in November 2019.




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