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United Kingdom
2021 > Ongoing
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Develop large-scale series of peatland restoration and watershed conservation projects in Scotland.


Beam Suntory are committed to restoring our peatlands and keeping them healthy for generations to come. Even though our operations account for a small fraction of Scotland’s total peat use, the habitat is critical to our spirits and must be shared with our communities. The peatlands also play a vital role in mitigating climate change.

In 2021, alongside our parent company, we launched the Peatland Water Sanctuary initiative in Scotland. Together, we’re investing more than  $4 million to restore and conserve 1,300 hectares of peatland by 2030 – enough to produce the peat we need every year to make our Scotch whiskies on an ongoing basis.

The first of several planned watershed conservation projects began near our Ardmore® distillery in November 2021. Initially, nearly 15 hectares of peatland will be restored, in partnership with the James Hutton Institute and the land manager, Forestry and Land Scotland.

Other sites near our Auchentoshan®, Glen Garioch®, Bowmore® and Laphroaig® distilleries are being assessed.


Suntory Holdings, James Hutton Institute and the land manager, Forestry and Land Scotland.


As the project has just commenced there are minimal results so far.




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