Party Guide

God Alkoholkultur
2016 > 2018
#AwarenessRaising #Parents


To provide awareness about the risk of drinking too much.


Following the August 2016, where 11 young people were admitted to A&E at the local Hospital with life-threateningly high blood alcohol levels following the traditional party for new students (approximately 16 years old) at upper secondary schools GODA reacted by strengthening their advice to young people and their parents.  On the ‘All Night Long – GODA’ Facebook page, the party guide was posted in august in 2016, 2017 and 2018 aimed at 16 years old and on the Facebook site 'GODA' it was aimed at parents. 

The guide provides advice such as to remember to eat and to not to mix drinks and is promoted every August, when upper secondary schools starts.


In 2018 around 13,000 of the students at 1. level (20%) interacted with the post on the GODA All Night Long FB-page.

203 comments at the students site: "Read this before the party", "Here is the help u need", "Good to know, ha ha", "Try to take care of you, my little friend", "Take care of YOUR SELF out there", "Ha, ha, you need this", "I don't need your help!", "Are you in control with this, beauty?", "I will remember them though", "Because I love you", "Remember this Friday" ...

106 comments on the parents site: "I have noticed it, sweet aunt", "Read advisory number 1, Matias!", "Check this out", "Do you think I will read this!" - "Yes, I expect you to !!!", "Ooh, mum!", "I promise to behave well", "Good advice for the weekend", "I believe I have to start at the beginning again" - "Yes I think so too", "Ha ha, I am always careful", "I know everything of alcohol, you just have to drink it" - "Oh Andrea....", "Read this" ....


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