Partnership with the French Federation of Food Banks

Partenariat avec la Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires
Prévention et Modération
2021 > Ongoing


To raise awareness of responsible drinking among food bank volunteers and among food aid recipients.


The French Federation of Food Banks (FFBA) signed a partnership agreement with Prévention et Modération in July 2021 as part of its “Health Prevention” programme initiated in 2020.

FFBA’s “Health Prevention” programme includes 4 areas of action: food and health, eating on a low budget, food balance, anti-waste and eco-responsibility, all with the objective of supporting the beneficiaries in a healthy and sustainable food approach.  As part of this programme, the FFBA has committed training of volunteers on responsible alcohol guidelines so that they can communicate the information to food aid recipients.  The topics include the guidelines to drink a maximum of two alcoholic drinks a day but not every day and avoiding drinking alcohol whilst pregnant.  Leaflets and posters will be developed as part of the initiative.


 FFBA - Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires (French Federation of Food Banks)


7,000 full time volunteers in 79 food banks, tens of thousands of volunteers among 6,011 food aid associations and over 2 million food aid recipients have the potential of being reached through this programme.


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