Opening Responsibly

The Sense Group
2021 > 2021
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To highlight the hospitality sector’s commitment to a conscientious approach in re-opening.

To provide industry support for the hospitality sector.

To encouraging consumers to be sensible and moderate in their alcohol consumption.

To raise awareness of the message among the target audiences.


The social media campaign, which was launched following the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions, highlighted the commitment of the hospitality sector to adopt a conscientious approach to re-opening while also encouraging consumers to be sensible and moderate in their alcohol consumption during the summer months. 

The idea was to use the best of what the hospitality industry had learnt from the pandemic situation and apply “must-have” working habits to engage consumers in a way that encouraged moderate alcohol consumption, and, to cultivate positive engagement the challenging period that tested everyone’s mental health.  A series of “stories and conversations” across multimedia, were used to send a much-needed positive message to targeted audiences to create a sense of fresh new beginnings, including moderate alcohol consumption.


Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association

Malta Chamber of SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises) 


The Facebook camapaign reached 60,000 people and had 183,830 engagements from 274,189 impressions.

Measurement & evaluation

Survey of 152 bars, 106 Restaurants and 42 Hotels (300 total) showed HORECA Industry wise survey's showed a 58.7% awareness of the camapign. Of those  who were awre of the camapign and saw images of the camapign 57% considred the intiative good foir the industry morale and 52% saw it as welcome support from The Sense group and its partners.



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