No straws… It’s a good cause

Pernod Ricard
European Union
2018 > 2020
#ResourceEfficiency #WasteManagement


Pernod Ricard’s 2020 Roadmap includes reducing its waste to landfills with an ambitious goal: from 10,253 tons in 2010 down to 0 by 2020.


Small acts have a big impact and this is why Pernod Ricard has decided to stop using non-biodegradable plastic straws and stirrers in any part of its business. Kicking off the year with concrete resolutions, the Group has asked all its affiliates globally to ensure they are not used at any Pernod Ricard events in the future, as has been the case since the run up to the holiday season.

The drinks industry has been using them for decades and following the rebirth of cocktails there has been an explosion in their usage adorning glasses globally. A straw which is only used on average for 20 minutes can take more than 200 years to breakdown into smaller pieces and often does not fully disintegrate.

The history of Pernod Ricard and its values are intrinsically linked to social responsibility and care. The creation of the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute more than 50 years is a concrete example. The group knows too well that this type of non-biodegradable plastic is having a detrimental impact on the environment and oceans and it’s crucial for the company to play a role in helping to prevent any further damage.


Waste to landfill went down from 10,253 tonnes in 2010 to 748 tonnes in 2018.

Each plant measures its environmental outputs at local level and results are consolidated in an annual registration document.

The current environmental roadmap was set in 2010 with targets until 2020. Pernod Ricard is currently working on new sustainability strategy with targets for 2030 that will be launched in 2019.



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