No Binge: Responsible Consumption Communication

No Binge: Comunicare il consumo responsable
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2022 > Ongoing
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To spread the message of responsible drinking among young adult consumers.

To raise awareness of the negative effects of alcohol abuse among young adult consumers.

To turn students into real ambassadors of the responsible consumption message.


Students taking the second year of the “Economics and Business Management” master’s degree, led by Professor Mattiacci, at the La Sapienza University take part in the programme which contributes to their final grade.  

Students are first taught about responsible consumption, such as the recommended drinking guidelines, about binge drinking and categories of people (such as minors) and situations (such as when driving) when not to drink. 

The students then work in teams over a three-month period taking up the analytical and creative challenge of the brief to design a communication campaign aimed at combatting alcohol misuse and abuse among their peers.  The idea is to use communication between equals as peer-to-peer communication is very effective.  Students are supported during the creation process and receive guidelines, including communication, the target group (25-year-olds), not using commercial brands and the theoretical budget of 300,000 euros.

2023 - Awards ceremony and winning entries

The projects were first judged by Professor Mattiacci.  The top 20 then took part in a public awards ceremony on 1 February 2023 at La Sapienza University.  The judging process was held in 2 parts:

  • The “Evaluation Commission” for 80% of the final mark. The Commission comprised the president of the Casa Executive Committee (Study and intervention centre for the social aspects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages) and University professors, marketing professionals, and industry representatives. 
  • Public in attendance for 20% of the final mark.

The winner of the first edition was the “Draw the insight” team, composed of Anna Fornaro, Angela Gorgoglione, and Giulia Zeoli. 

Alberto Mattiacci, Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Sapienza University of Rome said he gladly took up Federvini's idea to involve Sapienza students in a challenge that requires them to apply the conceptual and instrumental power of marketing to socially useful and relevant topics.  When the project was launched in late summer 2022, nobody could imagine that its conclusion would coincide with a moment of great attention, also in the media, on the issue of alcohol education (referring to the Irish draft legislation on health warning labels). For the professor “it seems evident that the alternative to a paternalistic or, even worse, prohibitionist approach to alcohol consumption can only be information and education, especially among young people.” He concluded, “we are pleased to have opened up this avenue in Italy and we hope, as of the next academic year, to be able to involve other universities in this civic exercise”.


Sapienza University in Rome


58 projects were produced, and the best 20 teams received an award.  The best 5 teams received a special prize.

The students enthusiastically accepted the challenge and presented numerous highly serious, sensitive, and creative projects, demonstrating a conscious approach to the issue.  The originality of the claims, the social proposals, the involvement of influencers and the messages proposed, highlighted the value of the collaboration between companies, universities, and students in tackling an issue of economic, social, and cultural importance.



2023 Award ceremony

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