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To raise awareness of the harms of drinking above recommended guidelines

To decrease the number adults drinking over the daily recommended guidelines

To reduce harmful drinking


Moderation Matters was created to raise awareness of the importance of drinking responsibly and within legal limits.

It took place during the Christmas season with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While the restrictions put in place because of the pandemic result in fewer social gatherings, the risks associated with drinking too much, particularly at home, are still present, if not enhanced.  Reminding consumers about moderate alcohol consumption remains very relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic as some are more susceptible to the stresses caused by the crisis and potentially drink more as a result.

Aimed at a very wide audience, the mass media campaign used hard-hitting facts to drive home the message that excessive drinking can lead to life impacting outcomes.  Vivid imagery and videos were paired with the facts to further convey the impact of alcohol abuse and intoxication.  Focus was on the benefit of moderation even when personal, family and public situations are stressful and demanding.  In addition to reminding people to drink responsibly, information and guidance on the impact of alcohol abuse was also shared.  

Two sets of content were created. 

  • Set one: Ran in October and November and took place Facebook and on billboards. A girl, a boy, and a fireman hold up signs saying, “moderation matters”.  The boy and the fireman visuals have a traffic accident scene behind them with the reminder “Don’t drink & drive”.  The girl visual is next to an almost empty bottle of alcohol with a male in the background.
  • Set two: Ran in December on Facebook. A series of posts showed a Red Cross responder holding up a “moderation matters” sign accompanied by a message and the reminder to drink responsibly.
  • Both sets were also shared via Google, on the drinkaware website and with the media.


Set one visuals reached more than 1 million people.  The Facebook posts had around 450 reactions and 150 shares.  The most viewed visual on Facebook was the fireman one which reached over 145,000 people with more than 426,000 impressions.  

Set two visuals with the Red Cross reached over 800,000 with 12,800 engagements, 1,000 reactions, 10 comments and 20 shares. The most viewed visual reached over 138,000 with over 171,000 impressions.

Measurement & evaluation

Evaluation took place during November and December 2020 (385 respondents via online survey).  Results show that:

  • Younger age groups were more likely to drink to socialise or to get drunk. Drinking too much, having a hangover, and driving drunk decreased with age.  Older age groups were more likely to drink daily, but less likely to drive drunk.  
  • The campaign was seen the most by the 35-44 age group.
  • The most successful medium was billboards.
  • 6% agreed that the campaign encouraged responsible drinking
  • 9% agreed that the campaign discouraged drinking and driving
  • 4% had seen the campaign billboards, 36.8% had seen it on Facebook. A further 17% had seen it from another source (eg.  Newspapers/Magazines)
  • The visuals were overall scored higher by the older age groups, especially the 55+ group, despite being the group which had the least percentage of respondents who came across them.



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